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10 year anniversary coming up and some changes too...

10 years. Wow. The ScriptSpot 10 year anniversary will be coming up in May 2010. More news to follow.

3d modelling

Nobody perfect
Intel(R) Celeron 1.80 Ghz
760 MB for RAM


A few words about gizmoControl

I recently released a new script called 'gizmoControl'.

While I think the script can be very useful, the names used and my explanations might be suboptimal and therefore, I'll try to better explain what use this script can be.

So what does the script do?



I am happy to provide you the script FilePathFinder.
FilePathFinder helps you with operations related to external files
(eg. textures.IES files, pointcache files, Vray Proxies, MentalRay Proxies) in your scene.
It allows you to collect, sort, rename, relink your external files and search for missing assets.

Full supported for Vray, MentalRay, GroundWiz, VrayScatter and many-many other.
See list tested plugins and objects.


I started 3 months ago a modeling and animation formation using 3Dsmax and eventually other softwares like Zbrush.

I began my exploration a few weeks ago to learn by myself and experiment things to be at the top of my craft. I'll try to post as often as possible new renders of my creations on this blog so maybe advanced people can help me giving constructive critics.

thanks for helping and watching my progression!

Conform Script

Conform a surface (Edit Poly) to other.


is there a scripted tool for dimensioning the objects created (like dimensioning in autocad software)

having problems starting network rendering on 3ds max


need help on network rendering on 3ds max9 using backburner. although backburner runs well on individual machines but across network the servers are unable to locate the manager. can anyone provide solutions.


Hey Guys

Hey guys,

new to this spot, got told about it my one of my friends.

I hope to learn a lot about scripting and such things. :)

See you around.


~Rainbows and Lightning~

Hi :)

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I begin to link my scripts here.


PS: I speak english like indian Foot in mouth

I'm sorry...

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