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Project Switcher

Just uploaded a new script for quickly switching back and forth between different projects folders. They were new in 3dsmax and allow for relative path names (so you can quickly move an entire project to some other folder). Unfortunately, there is no history about previously used folders, and I my projects are deeply nested on the network so I wrote that script to be able to switch between the projects without browsing the entire network structure.

There seems to be a small bug in 3ds Max 2008. It causes projectSwitcher to always show a
Browse-Folder-Dialog when swichting projects. This can be fixed by manually editing the file Macro_SetProjectFolder.mcr in the <3dsmax_root>\ui\macroscripts directory and changing

local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

in line 25 and 26 to

global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

Save the .mcr file and restart 3ds Max. This should return normal functionality for projectSwitcher


New Re-topology tool: Wrapit

Hello all, I'd thought I'd take this opportunity to demonstrate a new tool I've been developing for 3dsmax 2008 and above.

Wrapit is essentially a tool for conforming meshes to other meshes.
This lends itself to various scenarios such as retopoligising high-res
meshes like those created in Zbrush, mudbox etc and creating low poly
proxies for situations where those are preferable, like collision
detection etc.

Obviously there are other solutions for retopoligising, although I've
never really enjoyed that process in Zbrush, and learning new tools can

Matrix-weighted Exposimeter

I should thank Vlado (Chaosgroup, VRay programmer) for his contribution of ideas and ways to use the VRay tools, for this one.


is there a scripted tool for dimensioning the objects created (like dimensioning in autocad software)

Hey Guys

Hey guys,

new to this spot, got told about it my one of my friends.

I hope to learn a lot about scripting and such things. :)

See you around.


~Rainbows and Lightning~

Please help to fix

Hi all ,


This is link to a very useful maxscript - realtime spring.

Unfortunately it is not working in 3ds max 9.

Anybody have any idea????

List of changes

I'll fill this out in the coming days as the update goes live

- Embedded Media Field for adding links to video tutorials / examples. There are many instances where showing usage via a youtube clip would really help out. There is now a field when submitting scripts, plugins & tutorials that lets you paste in the link to a video (any type) and it'll create a player window for that video.

Real World Scale

I've been working on some renderings using architectual models for my companies new website, and thought i'd put in some Ivy's.

The problem is that Ivy'gen is based upon real world scale, and a leaf that is bigger than my small town isnt right. on the other hand a 400 leaf ivy the size of a bike is too small. I don't want to start fiddling with Ivy'gen's settings (although a simple "scale" slider would be grand), so i need to scale the model.

Second problem, my scene is already 1,2 mill poly's. And with the wire-duplicate, its 2,4 million polygons. Its slow but doable.

Line Creation from Excel Spread Sheet

I have a project that I am requested to create a line based on XYZ Coordinates. I know you can create the line with the Keyboard Entry but just to give you an idea of the numbering, it starts off with X=9917429.57, Y=2570689.08, Z=-91, and it has 52 lines like this. Can something like this be done with a script, and do you know if a script has been created that can do this?

squash stretch biped rig

attached script lets you quickly setup squash stretch with your biped rig. may be useful for lazy ppl like me who don't prefer custom rigs too much and too much used to for biped animations.

download: http://www.lalamax3d.com/scripts/mxs/lm_Rigging-SquashyBiped.mcr