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A few words about gizmoControl

I recently released a new script called 'gizmoControl'.

While I think the script can be very useful, the names used and my explanations might be suboptimal and therefore, I'll try to better explain what use this script can be.

So what does the script do?

My Blog Huh?

Actually I have already started a blog here: (can i put a link here?)

mertens3d - Blog

manipulators in moveable window?

Hi.Does anyone know of a way to take existing 3d max slider manipulators and stick them inside of a separate window that I can then move around? This way they are not cluttering up my view ports. I run 2 monitors, so it would be nice to have the manipulators off to side in the other monitor. Thanks -T

10 year anniversary coming up and some changes too...

10 years. Wow. The ScriptSpot 10 year anniversary will be coming up in May 2010. More news to follow.

List of changes

I'll fill this out in the coming days as the update goes live

- Embedded Media Field for adding links to video tutorials / examples. There are many instances where showing usage via a youtube clip would really help out. There is now a field when submitting scripts, plugins & tutorials that lets you paste in the link to a video (any type) and it'll create a player window for that video.

Server updates / drupal upgrade

For the past couple weeks I've been steadily preparing a new server for ScriptSpot. The current one has been crumbling under the load recently and its been clear that there just isn't enough room to grow. So, we're on a new server now thats significantly more powerful.

having problems starting network rendering on 3ds max


need help on network rendering on 3ds max9 using backburner. although backburner runs well on individual machines but across network the servers are unable to locate the manager. can anyone provide solutions.


Material Editor Manager, MEM -- updated

I recently updated my MEM macroscript up to version 1.0. It is currently under Alpha2 status and under further development. Any comments and suggestions are very welcome...

--> http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/material-editor-manager-mem

Hey Guys

Hey guys,

new to this spot, got told about it my one of my friends.

I hope to learn a lot about scripting and such things. :)

See you around.


~Rainbows and Lightning~

New here!

Just created my account, let's see if I can understand scripting!

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