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Creating MAXScript Installers

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What’s Wrong With .MZP Files?

Having managed tool rollouts at both small (four artists) and large (50+ artists) companies I’ve become increasingly frustrated with MAXScript installation options. MZP files do ake the process less painful, but they have some inherent problems and limitations:

MAXScript Cheat Sheet

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This is a fantastic 2 page reference (written by Markus Boos) for those starting out with MAXScript! 

From the site description:

Ever try exploring the power of MAXSCRIPT? If it seems too confusing to attempt, try this 2-page cheat sheet that covers most of the major concepts in one easy to read reference, courtesy of MAXSCRIPT guru Markus Boos (one of 20 authors of the 3DATS 3ds Max Advanced to Expert book)

Tutorial #003 - Superflow Elements

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V-MOTION Solutions Tutorial #003 - Superflow Elements

Software: 3ds Max

Learn how to use Superflow Elements

Topics discussed:
- Installation
- User Interface
- Quick Array Creation
- Rotation / Translation Controllers
- Animation Controllers & Workflow
- Realtime Spline Rig

Length: 11 minutes / Download Tutorial for High-Res

Download Superflow Elements: www.v-motion.co

Superflow - Bachelor Thesis: superflow.ian-clemmer.com

Commercial Training Options

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If you would like to learn more about MAXScript, there are currently several affordable training options available to suit nearly any budget.

Tutorial #001 - Superflow

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Mindflow Solutions Tutorial #001 - Superflow

Software: 3ds Max

Learn how to initialize the Superflow algorithm and make use of the Superflow script!

Topics discussed:
- Parent-Child Hierarchy
- 1-Point-Pivot
- Superflow Algorithm
- Linear Harmonics
- Using Superflow Script 1.0
- Array Creation
- Trajectory->Spline->Mesh Creation

Length: 28 minutes

Download Superflow Script v1.0: scriptspot.com/​3ds-max/​scripts/​superflow-script

How to create a realtime feather system with ParticleFlow

54 votes

this is a very optimized solution to drive the behavior of particles by the deformation of a surface without to use script or complex rigs, this system can be useful not only to animate but just to model objects that have a large number of elements like tiles on a roof or to drive fractured objects to follow a deforming surface and so on, if you like this please let me know so I will produce more tutorials about the various implementations of this system

MaxScript image button .BMP layout

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A MaxScript button image layout how to. Included below (buttons2_16.zip) are the maxscript text and photoshop psd files shown in the tutorial. I can sum up the whole exercises with one word "spacing".

Pay attention to the 16px dimensions show here. The psd file includes a frame guide layer showing correct button spacing.

email me with any question. [email protected]

Maxscript for beginners #1

20 votes

Quick tutorial covering some basics of maxscript, generating and controlling objects etc. Might be useful for people wanting to get their feet wet with scripting.

FaceFX Facial Animation Plugin Tutorial for 3ds Max

54 votes

An introduction to the 2010 FaceFX Exporter for 3ds Max. Importing and Exporting bone poses, generating an animation, and importing it onto a character.

Be gamma correct!

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gamma corrected color checker

Gamma correction is one of those buzz words that are really easy in
terms of theory and math but confusing in how they are applied in
practice. As a consequence, it is largely ignored by many graphics
practicioners. This illustrated 10 page article is my attempt at
clarifying gamma correction in the context of 3D CGI by answering most
of the typical questions: "What is gamma? Why do we have it? When should I perform gamma correction? And what happens if I just ignore it?"

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