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PLACE PEOPLE (Commercial script)




PLACE PEOPLE is a 3ds Max plugin written in MaxScript that allows the user to place characters created with the 3ds Max 'Populate Toolset' anywhere, following a 3D spline path, and be glued to any surface, in really few mouse clicks.

New version V-1.02:

- Now, walkers can be created walking towards an object (for example, a door), thanks to the new subrollout 'Face to Object'

- Walkers can be rotated in local coordsys (relative to their origin)

- Editing path affects characters position in real time

- Number of simulation frames can be changed in the rollout

- Bugs corrections for idle characters facing an object or rotated following a path

- Performance enhancement



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A collection of tools for artists extensively using character studio. Included tools include Show Bipeds - Select biped - Figure mode - Thumb select - Select biped child - Hide biped - Box display - Select com -Select fingers - Select biped children and more... Click for a screenshot detailing each feature.

Biped Selector

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This script makes selecting biped bones a breeze. A floating window contains an intuitive graphical selection of buttons to allow the user to quickly select any biped limb.

Crowd IT

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(Crowd IT) is a Crowd choreography tool for 3d studio MAX which allows the user to quickly and effectively manage and render crowd scenes.


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The macroscript allows a biped to be follow another object. The
Biped's horizontal/vertical/turning keys will be modified to match the
objects'. Optionally additive or original key useage is allowed. Meant
to use motionmixed 'gameanimations' and let them follow a path.


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This script takes a bunch of specific pointHelpers and auto creates a nice bone and control rig for character animation. This includes custom attributes and a stretchy bone and stretchy arm system - custom finger setup and more.

The pictures here show one of the sample scene files included with the ZIP download - and how the rig looks after just pressing the 'Create All' button.

RagDoll Utility Launcher

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RagDoll Utility Launcher. Simple macroScript for launching the RagDoll utility shipping with 3dsmax 6.0.

Biped Selector

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"This script is made for Character Studio animators. It creates a floaterinterface allowing easier selection of biped's different bodyparts. Thisversion is turned to macroscript for easier usage. New feature is biped listthat allows to select multiple bipeds. Biped list is saved with .max file forlater use."

BonesPro 3 to Skin

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BonesPro 3 to Skin will convert the selected BonesPro3 modifier to a Skin modifier - translating vertex assignments.


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This script is alternative way
Quick enough for help you setting keys TCB control Biped - You can set manual with button one by one or automatic batch button for all keys

tips: Check out every tooltips button for help

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