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Superflow Original

283 votes


V-MOTION - Superflow Original

Developed by Ian Clemmer http://www.ianclemmer.com

Programmed by Panayot Karabakalov a.k.a. Anubis http://www.scriptspot.com/users/anubis

Procedural Array

38 votes


This script allows you to create procedural arrays which stay editable
even after you close and reopen the file. The array objects are linked to
a parent helper which you can transform to your liking while still keeping
array qualities. This is great for creating tiles or roofs where you place the array first and still want to tweak the distance between its elements.

Dome Light

21 votes

Create sphere array of lights to simulate GI for fast rendering.

Dome Light

Universal Transform

4 votes

Universal Transform has Alot of Featuers for Moving Rotating Scaling Randomizing Scattering Objects and Working with Pivot and Working Pivot and More .

The Script has 5 Modes (Move, Rotate, Scale, Pivot, Random) . and 3 Type of Auto Switching to Switch Between Them (to not Get Confussed) .

The 3 Auto Modes is (Auto T, Auto D, and The MacroScript (Universal Transform - Auto Switch)) .

- it has 3 Options :

1- By Spinners or (Type-in) .


2 votes

Pipe System

A 3dsMax-Tool written in MaxScript


2017 April 03 - Tommy Dräger

Speed Circular Array

18 votes

Rollout Interface

Speed Circular Array v1.0.ms

Speed Circular Array allows the user
to quickly array objects, such as chairs,
around others, such as tables.

Really it does the picking of object
transform centres for you, and then the
rotational array you would have done
by hand is automated.


15 votes

Similar to array, but always rotates your objects to make a complete circle.

Multi-Dimensional Array Support

15 votes

A set of functions that let you work with multi-dimensional arrays of any size/shape in maxscript.

It works by using 2 variables to represent a multi-dimensional array.
Lets call them:

JMIMdat = #(5,5,5,10)
JMIMarr = #(...)

Is an array holding the slot dimensions of your multi-dimensional array.
In this case, it is a 4 dimensional array.

Is the corresponding array to be treated as a multidimensional array.
JMIMarr.count = (5x5x5x10)

Eazy Arrayz

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I wrote this script for a CGI animation short film I'm working on, for which I needed a fast and simple way to build a very modular environment, while still retaining control over everything.

This script gives you that control:

pick your source geometry, increase/decrease the slider values after selecting whether you want copies or instances, and either collapse or create controllers, or both.
you can create one parent controller and a child controller for each instance, or just one parent, or just only children.

compatible only with editable poly objects.

Universal Arrange

4 votes


This Script for Arranging Selected Objects in 1 or 2 or 3 Axis . You Can Control the Offset on each Axis and the Number of Rows (When Using 2 or 3 Axis). Notes: Press Right Click on any Axis to Arrange the Objects on this Axis Only.

Version 1.2

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