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dotNet links

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A collection of links to dotNet + MAXScript information available. If you find a useful post, add it in the comments and this post will be updated to include it.

Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

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Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

I thought I’d draw attention to a few enhancements that Autodesk has made
with the new release in the hope that it will help you with your
scripts. The private/public methods in struct declaration in MXS was a
welcome addition, but I was hoping for a few extras in the dotnet area
too. The main one to note is -

How to use MySQL Connector in 3ds Max using .NET

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WPF in 3ds Max

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James Haywood covers the basics of integrating WPF inside 3ds Max 2011 using dotNet 3.5

Quoted from article:
"Some time ago I wanted to start getting my head around WPF, and especially how I could integrate tools made with WPF into Max. So I decided to start with something simple, which was to take an existing script that displays a progress bar using standard Max controls and convert it to WPF.

DotNet Demystified - Part 1

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Just posted on Lonerobot.net is the first part of a series of beginner's DotNet tutorials. If you've been struggling with dotnet classes and are unsure of what the difference between a class and an object is, this tutorial could help get you on the way to achieving the most out of dotnet in 3dsMax. 

Dotnet Demystified Part 1

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