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3DS Max Multi/Sub-Object Material Browser Script

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When dealing with various bitmaps to be applied on multiple objects (i.e large video walls), this script comes really handy. The purpose is to scroll through the Multi/Sub-Object Material diffuse bitmaps and apply on one or several objects.

Change Log:
v0.9b :

  • Bug Fix.
  • Added icons and macroscript.
  • v0.9a :

  • SubObject Support.
  • Preview before applying.
  • Improved Code and functionality.
  • New features added.
  • EcoCloud-Get your 3d asset in an instant!

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    EcoCloud-Get your 3d asset in an instant!

    1)EcoCloud is a 3d asset management tool for 3d artists.It Works on Windows 7 & 8 and is fully compatible with 3dsMax 7 and above.

    2)The EcoCloud app is free to download -yet is the world's most advanced, user-friendly file organizer created specifically for 3D designers and artists.

    3)Fully integrated with 3DXY
    Get your 3dxy.com 3d models on your desktop!Automatic synchronisation of your downloaded files.

    4)Works seamlessly with Autodesk 3ds Max


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    The 2DExtruder random extrusion plug-in is a MAXScript script that can randomly extrude the thickness of multiple selected spline shapes, and also set simple growth animation.

    Main features

    3DS Max - Copy Paste Objects Between Scenes

    7 votes

    This is a script I created to help the user in copying and pasting
    objects between multiple opened 3DS Max scenes.
    Under the hood, it's a quick merge operation that is done without
    Any prompt. If there is a name conflict, the coming object will be renamed. Also if there is a material's name conflict, the coming object
    will preserve its own material but the material will be renamed.

    3DS Max - Match Materials and Mapping - Plugin

    3 votes

    This script will help the user match the material of a source object to a target object
    First, you need to select the source object then click the script, now start picking your target objects
    When you finish picking just right-click, or press Enter, and the picked Objects will have the same material as the source
    Object plus any UVW Map modifier or Unwrap UVW modifier applied to it.

    3DS Max - Remove Objects From Isolate Mode

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    This little script will help the user in removing objects from the isolate mode.
    After selecting one or more objects and choosing isolate, sometimes you want to remove one or more objects from the isolated objects group. So select one or more objects that you want to remove and click the script.
    Another benefit is that when the script is grayed out and not available, the user will know
    That 3DS Max is not in the Isolate Mode

    3DS MaxTrackBar Markers Script

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    This script marks specific frames in an animation, adds a note to each marked frame and save the list as xml.
    The script is quite useful when juggling scenes and need to keep track of requiered changes, or team members need to share info among them.
    The list will not be saved with the scene, it needs to be saved externally as xml to be used when re-opening the scene.

    TrackBarMarkers XML AE v2.1.6 :

  • New AfterEffects script which imports and exports xml.
  • Advanced Bend Modifier

    4 votes

    seems broken in max 2015 - needs further testing

    A maxscript that gives the user more control over the bend modifier
    It lets the user input a width and the script will move the center to get the correct width

    Align Modifier

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    Align Modifier

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