3ds max scripts


.mcr: Copy the .mcr script to your \ui\macroscripts directory and run it from within 3dsmax
.mzp: Just run from 3dsmax, files will automatically be copied

You can now add the script to your ToolBars/Keyboard/Quads with 'Customize -> Customize User Interface'
The script will be located in the 'Piranha-Bytes' category.

SkinOrDie 2.12 (max 5,6,7,8)
SkinOrDie 2.15 (max9 64bit)
max 9,8,7,6,5
SkinOrDie is a large toolset for skinning characters.
It adds some powerful functions to the standard SkinModifier, incl.:

  • New and more intuitive interface
  • BoneSelector for easy bone selection
  • Massive VertexSelection tools, like Edgeloop/ring selection, SelectionSets, Grow/Shrink selection, Mirror selection, Range Selection, Hide selection and more...
  • Vertex Weighting: QuickWeight, Average weight, Distribute weight, Softselection weight, Mirror weight, Reset & Exclude tools and more...
  • Edge Weighting: Interactivly weight along edgeloops/rings, incl. Edgefalloff
  • SkinShapes: Replacement for SkinModifiers Envelopes, far more flexible
  • Do quick deformation tests without leaving the SkinModifier
  • Load and Save Weights
  • Full documentation
  • And even more ;)

  • Update Version 2.15:

  • Replaced ActiveX Controls with DotNet Controls for Max9 compability

  • Update Version 2.12:

  • Add: VertexEditing rolloutstate and windowsize are saved now
  • Add: BoneSelector windowsize is saved now
  • Add: ResetWindows button in the config window
  • Add: Presets for Paintbrush size and strength

  • Viewport Grabber max 5+
    This Script lets you grab the currently active Viewport and save the images. You can set a timer to grab sequences, or turn on AutoGrab, which will grab the viewport every time you change something.

    Diffuse Mapper max 5+
    This one sets the Diffuse (and/or Ambient) Color of a Material to the average color value of the texture that is applied to the Diffuse Mapping Channel.

    RangeSelect max 6+
    Lets you select Objects within a specified range/distance from a source Object.

    AngleSelect max 6+
    Selects faces within a given angle (world space) and lets you apply vertexcolors to the selection
    Works only on EditMeshes

    SelectArea max 6+
    Selects faces with a specified size

    Select Polys by VertexCount max 6+
    Selects polys with a given vertex count

    PaintFaces max 6+
    Lets you paint face selection with the painterinterface
    More info within the script

    Select Material Edges max 6+
    Select Faces along the materialedges

    Triangulator max 6+
    Changes the triangulation of an object
    Works only on EditPoly

    Instance Material max 6+
    Select a material in the MaterialEditor, then run the script.
    It scans through all objects and their materials and replaces all materials that have the same name as the selected one with an instance of this selected material

    Mirror Vertex Selection max 6+
    Mirrors the current vertex selection of an editpoly/editmesh
    Works only on symmetric objects

    Legolizer for Max6+
    Legolizer for Max5
    max 5,6+
    Converts an object into a lego like structure
    The Max5 Version has one missing function which will make it less accurate!

    LinkAlign max 6+
    Aligns and links one object to another in one step.

    MoveToView max 6+
    Moves the selected object in front of the current view.

    GotoFaceCenter max 6+
    Sets the current view to the center of the selected faces and sets the FOV high
    Good for quickly jumping inside rooms.

    WireObject max 6+
    Shows the selectet object in wireframe mode, even if viewport mode is shaded.

    AnimViz max 6+
    Creates snapshots over a given time of the selected object
    Similiar to the Snapshot Function in max, but a little bit handier ;)
    Great for getting an overall view of your animation

    Animation Baker max 6+
    Bakes all transformations on the given objects.

    Material Plane max 6+
    Creates a plane and assigns all materials of the selected objects to each poly of the plane.

    BumpReplace max 6+
    Replaces all Bitmap-Bumpchannels with a NormalBump.

    MacroManiac v0.9 max 7
    With MacroManiac, you can easily create all kind of macros and presets.

    TimeTagger v1.0 max 7
    Replacement for the built-in Timetag editor.

  • Load/Save/Import timetags
  • Create timetags from object keys
  • Editable namepresets for timetags
  • Displays timetags in viewport while script is running and scrubbing rhe timeline
  • Dbl-Click timetag to jump to according frame

  • All Scripts are copyright by André Hotz, Piranha-Bytes, Pluto 13 GmbH
    Use at your own risk!

    Please support and buy our games ;)