MAXScript Resources for 3ds max 7
Most MAXScripts for 3ds max 7 are compatible with 3ds max 6 and 5 (unless stated otherwise)..
Updated Link Description
2004/12/06 SpinEdge turn polygon edges clockwise or counterclockwise NEW v1.0.0 for 3ds max 5,6,7+
2004/12/04 LightTable lighting inclusion/exclusion in a spreadsheet view NEW v0.4.0 for 3ds max 5,6,7+
2004/12/03 BaseJump vastly improved version - NEW v2.1.0 for 3ds max 4,5,6,7+
2004/10/16 RecordNavigationPath 0.5.0 Record viewport navigation (esp. Walkthrough Mode) in 3ds max 7