MaxScript Release 0.36/0.37 MacroScript Source FOR MAX 3.x and max 4 (9/20/2000)

Copyright (c) 2000 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


SkyDome is a simple utility to simulate diffuse outdoor daylight from clouded sky.
It creates a hemisphere and lights at each vertex
using the color of the sky (clouds) bitmap applied to the sphere.

Time:8am, Contrast Thresh:0.0
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:8am, Contrast Thresh:0.2
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:8am, Contrast Thresh:0.5, 
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:8am, Contrast Thresh:0.5
Intensity 0.8, 126 Lights.
Time:7pm, Contrast Thresh:0.0
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:7pm, Contrast Thresh:0.2
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:7pm, Contrast Thresh:0.5
Intensity 1.2, 126 Lights.
Time:7pm, Contrast Thresh:0.5
Intensity 0.8, 126 Lights.



NOTE: SkyDome is NOT A SCRIPTED UTILITY. Please stop emailing me with questions
why it does not appear under Utilities>MAXScript drop-down list. Take a minute and learn
how to use MacroScripts and all the rest of the MAX R3.x script types by reading THIS.


NEW IN Version 0.36 (9/20/2000)

Fixed a bug that let the lights at their original position after moving and recreating a SkyDome away from world origin.
Thanks to Geoff Kornfeld for catching this one!

NEW IN Version 0.35 (9/8/2000)

  • When you move an existing Skydome away from the world origin and hit CREATE NEW SKYDOME to update geometry, the new SkyDome will appear on exactly the same custom position and not back at the origin...

  • Added control for Shadow Map Bias value and Absolute/Relative mode to avoid shadow problems and give even more control with large scenes.

  • Reordered the UI to make more sense - separate Lighting and Shadows areas with respective controls. Used more colorful checkbuttons and introduced some more tooltips to help new users with the usage...

  • Some other minor cosmetic changes...

NEW IN Version 0.3 (8/18/2000)

  • Included two new buttons to implement SunSystem support:
  • [>Pick Sun] lets the user select an existing MAX SunSystem Light. The light will be turned off after picking. The vector of the light will be used to define a major sky light direction.
  • The [X] button is for removing the SunSystem from the SkyDome setup.
  • When a Sun has been picked, a new value called "Contrast Thresh." will be enabled. It defines the contrast between the "sun side" and the cloudy part of the sky. When the value is 0, SkyLights that are parallel to the Sun vector will have their usual intensity. Lights that are not parallel will be proportionally dimmed down to intensity of 0. When the threshold is higher, SkyLights that are not parallel will not be dimmed down to 0 and the image will have less contrast (brighter shadows) but more brightness. (See EXAMPLES)
  • A progress bar has been added for both creating and updating the SkyDome.
  • The Horizon Height is calculated now in LOCAL coordinates. When set to 0, all vertices (even those at the lower edge) will receive SkyLights, no matter where in the World the SkyDome is.

  • Version 0.23 (8/18/2000)
  • All UI settings will be stored in the SkyDome object itself. If you save the scene, restart MAX and load the scene again, pressing the SkyDome button will launch the script with the exactly same settings as the current SkyDome. This will let you tweak/update settings even years later!
  • New checkbox: Show Falloff will toggle the display of SkyLight01 (the one from the zenith) with Falloff display enabled. Useful for tweaking the Falloff range of all lights.
  • Added Sample Range control (between 0.0 and 50.0) to allow for smoother soft shadows.
  • New Shadow Density control (sets the Shadow Density of all lights).
  • New Shadow Color selector (default is black)
  • To change any Sky Dome Lighting parameter, use the [Update Dome] button.
  • To change any Sky Dome Geometry parameter, press [CREATE NEW SKYDOME] button. Since all UI parameters are intersession-sticky, the resulting Skydome will be a copy of the old one with the new parameter updated!

  • Version 0.1 (3/5/2000)

    DOWNLOAD SkyDome

    Version 0.36 MacroScript Source
    Please copy the file CLDSMAP.JPG to your \Maps directory.

    Version 0.37 MacroScript Source
    This version provides an experimental fix for the International MAX Versions problem.
    If your version of MAX R3 cannot run SkyDome 0.36, please try the above version. It is NOT
    advised to use 0.37 if you can run 0.36 without problems.

    3ds max 4 users can use the 0.37 version. Although not the official recompile for max 4, it turned out that
    it works there. It avoids using the Slice Plane modifier at all, which solves the problems the original
    0.36 version had with max 4.

    You can also use the HDR Dome Light script by Chris Subagio which is pretty cool and very similar.