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Latest updated to VR Boboland and other news.
Frost 1.0.5 Particle Mesher Released
2011/04/05: The fast and flexible Frost particle mesher is now available for purchase and will be demonstrated together with Krakatoa at the National Association of Broadcasters convention and expo in Las Vegas from April 11-14, 2011.
See Frost+Krakatoa Master Class news here.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 Non-Photorealistic Rendering Videos on YouTube
2010/10/03: Two YouTube videos showing the use of Krakatoa as a Non-Photorealistic Renderer can be found here and here.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 SP1 Particles Flowing Through Tube Videos on YouTube
2010/09/26: Two more YouTube videos showing the use of Krakatoa as a pure particle manipulation tool without rendering particles can be found here and here.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 Service Pack 1 Released
2010/09/24: An updated version of the 1.6.0 installer with several important bug fixes and a number of UI improvements has been released.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 MagmaFlow Video on YouTube
2010/09/10: Another YouTube video showing some basic Krakatoa MagmaFlow Editor workflows can be found here.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 Introduction To Particle Rendering Videos on YouTube
2010/09/06: A set of YouTube videos showing some basic Krakatoa rendering workflows can be found here, here and here.
Krakatoa 1.6.0 Released
2010/08/31: The latest and fastest version of Krakatoa is now available for download.
Learn MAXScript with Michele Bousquet and Bobo
2010/03/30: CGWORKSHOPS MAXScript Fundamentals Course Enrolling Now!
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