ScriptSpot "RE-Launch" Giveaway #5 Winners

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Today I'm proud to say the top 3 contributors to ScriptSpot are being publicly recognized for their contributions and awarded a prize for their efforts! Their talent and contributions continue to help the ScriptSpot community to grow and flourish. To that end - ScriptSpot, in coordination with the developer of Orionflame, would like to recognize their efforts and reward each with a FREE copy of Orionflame 4 valued at $149 USD!

For more information about the new Orionflame 4 - a production-proven polygonal & subdivision surface modeling extension for 3ds max, please visit


Congratulations, our winners are Aline Lima, Colin Senner and Martin Breidt


Q: How can I become eligible to be in the ScriptSpot Top 3?
A: Participation. It doesn't matter whether you're a script writer, or just someone who has questions. Participation in ScriptSpot - through commenting, forum posts, content submission, and voting all help accumulate points.

Q: Why wasn't this posted as a contest before the winners were announced?
A: In contrast to the previous 4 raffles where users deliberately entered the contests, this giveaway is unique because it rewards people for their efforts without any expectation of winning a prize.