ScriptSpot Updates & New Server

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ScriptSpot has now been updated to a new version of, is operating on a new server, has a few new features & is now open for posting!

There may be some glitches left in the server transition. If you run across anything, please use the contact link at the bottom of any page to report the problem.

Some of the benefits to the site update:

  • "How to" section added explaining how to use ScriptSpot.
  • Faster / more robust server
  • User selectable theme (light or dark) in your "My account" settings page
  • Simply typing a link like will get turned into a hyperlink automatically
  • Breadcrumbs in forum area that work (on old site, when viewing a forum post, the breadcrumbs didn't work)
  • Code tag allows you to post source code (the one caveat here is that I'm still working on implementing the majority of MAXScript syntax but the basics already work)
macroScript RenameThem category:"HowTo"
 rollout rename_rollout "Enter New Base Name"
  edittext base_name ""
  button rename_them "RENAME SELECTED OBJECTS..."
  on rename_them pressed do
   if base_name.text != "" do
    for i in selection do = uniquename base_name.text
  )--end on
 )--end rollout
createDialog rename_rollout 250 50