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This Universal Material Converter is an enhanced version of the old AMC script. It convert materials between renderengines. It converts from Autodesk Materials and also converts textures as much as possible when needed.
Currently supported renderengines are: MentalRay, V-Ray, iRay, Corona, Scanline.
Coming up: Maxwellrender, Octane

You will need at least have a demo version of the renderengines installed if you want to be able to support conversions.

While for example converting a V-Ray material to Corona, it will also convert bitmaps to Corona-bitmaps and VRayDirtmap to CoronaAO.

This script is available from our webshop: http://www.3dstudio.nl/webshop/category/15-maxscripts
It comes with an .mzp installer, automatic renderengine check, check on duplicate materials (to make them instances). And the option to bake procedural textures to bitmaps when converting to Standard material, so you can export to several VR engines.

We have 2 videos on youtube to explain installation and usage

-- added 2018-07-10
version 1.6.2 is available, with support for OSL textures, Max2019, V-Ray NEXT, Corona v2 and it now will also check for duplicate materials that are nested.
A new feature is the option to load your own matlib file to get source materials from. (during conversion, it will check the matlib for a material with the same name and use that to replace instead of convert)

Additional Info: 

- added support for VRayOverrideMtl
- added support for VRayMtlWrapper
- added support for GTA3 material
- bugfixes based on user input
- conversion refinement based on user input
- added support for Autodesk Checker
- added support for Autodesk Gradient
- added VR mode (to correctly convert to scanline/standard when you want to go to Unity or Unreal)
- added dispersion override
- added subdivs/samples override
- load source matlib

Version Requirement: 
3dsMax 2014 and up
Other Software Required: 
V-Ray 3 or newer, iRay, Corona 1 or newer, MentalRay (demo license at least, no support for alpha or beta versions)
Video URL: 


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aepete02's picture

Hi, will Arnold be included

Hi, will Arnold be included eventually?


junsunkr's picture

I purchased your products.

I purchased a " Universal Material Converter " product and waited for the mail.
By the way, mail does not come.
What should I do?
Do I have to wait any longer?
Or should I cancel the purchase?
I am waiting very much.
Please answer quickly.

Below is my purchase information.


Stefan Twigt's picture


I'm glad we could solve the problem, even though in the end it had nothing to do with this script.

Stefan Twigt's picture

Hi Sego, I have not yet

Hi Sego, I have not yet received any email from you, did you send me an email yet?

Stefan Twigt's picture

Hi SG, please let me know

Hi SG, please let me know when you bought the script and which name was used so I can check our webshop log. We should always get a notification when a script has been sold, and I have not yet seen one with a name like yours.

You can also contact me at stefan at 3dstudio.nl

sego's picture

Script has never been delivered after payment.

Hi Stefan,

I paid for your script, you never sent me the script and you don't answer my emails. Y?. So I don't know if it worth the money.
Can you hurry up a little, or give my money back, but please do something or stop selling stuff you don't deliver.


Stefan Twigt's picture

update 1 released

Our first update have been released to all who own the script. Several bugs were found and fixed.
Next update will have support for more textures and Octane! (which is still a lot of work..)

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