CAT - Get Real World Rotation of first Limb

Hi All,

I'm struggeling with a confusing phenomenon in a CAT Rig.

I create a new CAT Parent using the 'Base Human' Rig,
create a new Absolute Animation Layer and activate Animation Mode.

Then, I select one of the forearms and type the line:


In the MAXScriptListener I get the World X-Rotation value of the Forearm which is equivalent to the value displayed underneath the timeslider.

The problem comes now:

When I do the same thing with the Upperarm.
I select it, run


get the value in the MAXScriptListener and compare it to the one displayed underneath the timeslider the two values are NOT equal.

Does anyone where this comes from and how to get the real World Roation values of the first limb?

Many thanks in advance for your help.