New script: spline follow terrain create post and wire fence.....etc


I am looking for a script that will allow me to produce a post and wire fence or something that looks like one. I am thinking a spline based fence where detail is not critical as it would be used to produce divider fencing for large fields and meadows.

Basically the script needs to be able to.

To start you would create a spline around the area you want the fence.

1. Modify the spline to follow the terrain

2. Input how many posts are needed spacing and height and thickness (rectangular)along the spline.

3. Input how many wires are needed in z

4. Wires and posts would have their own material id's

5. Needs to be renderable

6. generate the fence.

That's basically it. If someone would like to have a stab a creating the script or know of something that already exists, please let me now.