spinner control scale by axis

Hi everyone,

I'm beginning on maxscript and I currently have an issue.
I'd like to control an object's scale x, y and z independently with 3 spinners. I also need the feeback on the spinners if I scale the object

I already can control the position or the rotation like this:

x_Controller = Bezier_float(); y_Controller = Bezier_float(); z_Controller = Bezier_float()

--assign controller to spinners
dialogtest.spinnerA.controller = x_Controller; dialogtest.spinnerB.controller = y_Controller; dialogtest.spinnerC.controller = z_Controller

-- position control:
$.pos.X_Position.controller = x_Controller; $.pos.Y_Position.controller = y_Controller; $.pos.Z_Position.controller = z_Controller

--rotation control:
$.rotation.X_Rotation.controller = x_Controller; $.rotation.Y_Rotation.controller = y_Controller; $.rotation.Z_Rotation.controller = z_Controller

But I didn't succeed to do the same for the scale. I can easily control the scale with spinners like this:

on SpinnerA changed arg_x do $.scale.x = (arg_x)
on SpinnerB changed arg_y do $.scale.x = (arg_y)
on SpinnerC changed arg_z do $.scale.x = (arg_z)

but this way I don't have the feedback on the spinners if I directly scale the object ...

So after hours of google search, I'm tired and I need help please


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I experienced using the same

I experienced using the same code before and it really works. I'm familiar with different programming codes because I experienced making programs before. Programming is quite difficult and challenging but it's just need patience.-bio-oil

Thank you for your post, it gives me a big help for my project reference.

chia frø

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U can assigne "ScaleXYZ"

U can assigne "ScaleXYZ" controller to selection.

b1 = box()
b1.scale.controller = ScaleXYZ ()
sc = b1.scale.controller = ScaleXYZ ()
b2 = box pos:[100,100,100]
m = b2.scale.controller
m.value.x = 2
m.value.y = 2
m.value.z = 2


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I don't understand

Hi Barigazy

Thanks for your answer :)

Actually I don't understand how i'm supposed to use this with a spinner.

The thing is that I really need to control the scale with the 3 spinners in real time (with the upbutton, downbutton or when a value is set directly in the spinner manualy) but I also need the reverse fonction in real time.
I mean when I scale the selected object in the viewport with the scale tool, I want the spinners update their value in real time too.

Hope you understand what I'm searching for.

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gift from me ;)

rollout dlgScaler "Scale Control"
	local asp = #()
	spinner spnX "X:" range:[-1000,1000,100]
	spinner spnY "Y:" range:[-1000,1000,100]
	spinner spnZ "Z:" range:[-1000,1000,100]
	pickbutton pbNode "Pick Object" autoDisplay:true
	on pbNode picked obj do if isValidNode obj do
		if classOf obj.scale.track != ScaleXYZ do
			obj.scale.track = ScaleXYZ()
		local asc = getXYZControllers obj.scale.track
		asp = #(spnX, spnY, spnZ)
		for i = 1 to 3 do asp[i].controller = asc[i]
	on pbNode rightclick do
		pbNode.object = undefined
		pbNode.caption = "Pick Object"
		if asp.count == 3 do
			for i = 1 to 3 do asp[i].controller = undefined
		free asp
CreateDialog dlgScaler

well... even attaching a bit improved version (.ms file), cheers!

scalecontrol.ms 779 bytes

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Thanks, it works but on " object level"

so i could not scale the selected vertices of that object, dont know it if is possible though...

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Thanks a lot

Hi Anubis

Thanks a lot for this, it's (almost) perfect !

Almost because i'd like to display the scale value in spinners as a percentage, like the transform type-in dialog (F12).

But hey, since it works, it's really not a big problem if I can't do this.

Again thank you

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The TTI(F12) is just a tool NOT binded to selected or other object.

What you can do though, for the 2nd goal, is to add another set of 3 controls (spinners or labels), which to serve as display only, and in them to display measured percent value. But I'll leave this as exercise (homework) for you.


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Hi AnubisAgain, thanks for

Hi Anubis

Again, thanks for the help.
Still, I really want to set and get the object scale with a percentage in associated spinners.

Like that I get more precision on the scale (I'm often doing really tiny scale on objects at my job, so it's easier when manipulating a percentage).

Since I'm doing this tool to help me working faster, the actual way don't help me...

Hope i'm not bothering you :)

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spinnerPrecision vs measured-percent ;)

preferences.spinnerPrecision is what you need then (quote from mxs-help: This integer value defines the number of decimal digits displayed by spinners.) or open Customize > Preferences > General and set the value there.

Adjust also the #scale property of Rollout Spinner control (which is 0.1 for Floats by defaults).

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Works now

Hi, it's been a while since this but finally find a solution to what I did want to do exactly.
So two parts for the code:

-- spinner with % value controling the selection scale
on spn_scaleX changed arg do $.scale.x = arg / 100
on spn_scaleY changed arg do $.scale.y = arg / 100
on spn_scaleZ changed arg do $.scale.z = arg / 100
-- selection scale controling the spinner value as %
when transform $ changes id: #test do 
	testRoll.spn_scaleX.value = $.scale.x * 100
	testRoll.spn_scaleY.value = $.scale.y * 100
	testRoll.spn_scaleZ.value = $.scale.z * 100

So that way it's working nicely

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