Export Navisworks Timeliner Simulation to 3ds Max

I use Navisworks to create time-realistic construction sequences, but it takes hours to render an animation and the results are poor, I want to produce something more visually pleasing.

I have seen on various forums that a script exists that exports the timeliner simulation from Navisworks, and imports it into 3ds Max so you have the best of both- high quality rendering, and time-realistic animations.

The link below demonstrates what I want to do, but no one has released the script! If anyone has it, knows of it, or can create it (I don't know whether I'm asking a simple task or weeks worth of work), it would be hugely appreciated as this is the missing link at the minute..




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I'm working on my own version

I'm working on my own version of this. It would be nice to work in Max instead of Navisworks for the Timeliner schedule animations.

I've made some progress...

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I have also looked for this script with no luck. It would make my life so much easier instead of having to reanimate everything in 3d max =(

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Navisworks to Max


I am a BIM manager called Andrew O'Grady in Adelaide, Australia.I made a script (with a programmer) that updates (move and slice) modifier key frames in Max with a CSV file, that you can export from Navis or from any scheduling package.

You have to set the key frames up initially in max then just press the button every time there is an update and all the key frames adjust.

I won a construction industry award for it on a major project 2 years ago.

I have also done some cool stuff with Navis, Max and Unity links for web based animations.

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script available?

Hey Andrew! We've been looking for a way to get navisworks timeliners imported in 3dsmax, and you pretty much nailed it. I saw your AU lecture about making an XML exporter for navisworks and an XML importer for max, and I'm wondering now: Are these 2 plugins/scripts available somewhere, or is this property of a company?

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update keys via csv is what i do as well

I never see such kind of script for free.

Also into the last 4 years many Artists/TD's contact me to write such tools for them, but no one think to pay for.

So, what to say...
keep going, keep waiting for... hehe :)

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Script to export construction sequence to 3ds Max or the likes

Hello guys,

Just as many of you, I am also looking for the ability to export the Navisworks sequence. However, I would be interested to export it into a programme called Blender. Some of you might know it. Works the same as 3ds Max, however it is an open source software.

If anyone could help me with it, that would be great. I'm also fine to pay for the help. Just contact me if you want to talk about it.


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No I don't have that, but

No I don't have that, but it's going from Navisworks into 3ds max that I am looking to do, not the other way round. Thank you for your comment though

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Are you try to contact the

Are you try to contact the author of this clip?
I guess you already have this utulity


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