3ds Max data import script needed

Hi guys,
We have a need for the following kind of 3ds Max script:

--- Custom Animation Data Importer ---

In short:
We have proprietary scene data exported from Adobe After Effects which needs to be interpreted back into 3d-scene in 3ds Max.
Data contains camera, bitmap and transformation animation and some layer animation tracks from After Effects.

Input data:
Data is mostly in formatted, human readable text form and most of the data is already in 3ds Max readable value formats.
Animation data is relatively simple in nature and volume of data is moderate.

Main features:
Script will:
- Recreate a camera(s) and FOV keyframe animation
- Recreate all elements as plane objects with correct size and dimensions and transformations
- Recreate transformation animation for each element
- Recreate a material and assign correct texturemap to each element based on data contained in exported print out
- Recreate material opacity track animation for elements which have animation
- Layer and organize objects into layers

- 3ds Max 2010 / MaxScript
- UI as floating window
- Code should be properly commented in English
- Script should be in Macroscript format, ready to be added into UI
- Unprotected script code
- Based only on custom code, no third party code used

What we will provide to you:
If you think you are up to task to create this importer for us, we would supply you with:
- Print out of scene data exported from After Effects
- Reference video of same scene, rendered from After Effects
- After Effects test-case project as reference (same as video - if needed)
- More detailed specifications and instructions

Please let us know if you could make this script for us. We will pay through paypal or direct international transfer to your account.

Best wishes,
[email protected]