Shift + Drag Edge polygon creation with same ID as source polygon

need script which will improve polygon creation by Shift + Drag Edge
by default new polygon gets ID=1, is there any way to assign source polygon ID to a new one when dragging its Edge and hold Shift button


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I'd instead suggest posting to the 3ds Max Ideas, as a feature request.

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Here is first test

It's rollout with timer - checking if new faces are created with Shift

One thing is - first need you need to release mouse button and nest Shift - if you release Shift first it will not apply ID's

try(destroyDialog ::CloneFaceWithID)catch()
rollout CloneFaceWithID "Clone Face with ID" (
	checkbutton bn_On "On" checked:true
	timer tm interval:200
	local lastSelEdges = #()
	local lastEdgeFaces = #()
	local lastAllFacesCount = 0
	fn CheckEditPoly &selEdgesArr &EdgeFaces &AllFacesCount = 
		if selection.count == 1 and classof selection[1] == Editable_Poly and subObjectLevel == 2 then (
			selEdgesArr = polyop.getEdgeSelection selection[1]
			EdgeFaces = for i in selEdgesArr where (a = polyop.getEdgeFaces selection[1] i).count == 1 collect a[1] 
			AllFacesCount = polyop.getNumFaces selection[1]
	fn resetLocals = (
		lastSelEdges = #()
		lastEdgeFaces = #()
		lastAllFacesCount = 0
	on CloneFaceWithID open do (resetLocals(); = bn_On.state)
	on bn_On changed e do (resetLocals(); = e)
	on tm tick do (
		if lastSelEdges.count == 0 or lastAllFacesCount == 0 then 
			CheckEditPoly &lastSelEdges &lastEdgeFaces &lastAllFacesCount
			if keyboard.ShiftPressed and mouse.mode == 0 do try( --viewport.activeViewport
				local SelEdges
				local EdgeFaces
				local AllFacesCount
				local checkOK = CheckEditPoly &SelEdges &EdgeFaces &AllFacesCount
				if checkOK and AllFacesCount > LastAllFacesCount do (
					for i in lastSelEdges do (
						local tmpArr = polyop.getEdgeFaces selection[1] i
						if tmpArr.count == 2 then 
						local ID = 0
						for f in tmpArr where findItem lastEdgeFaces f > 0 do (ID = polyop.getFaceMatID selection[1] f; exit)
						if ID > 0 then polyop.setFaceMatID selection[1] (tmpArr as BitArray) ID
						for f in tmpArr do print (polyop.getFaceMatID selection[1] f)
				lastSelEdges = deepCopy (SelEdges as array)
				lastEdgeFaces = deepCopy (EdgeFaces as array)
				lastAllFacesCount = AllFacesCount
			)catch(print (getCurrentException()))
	on CloneFaceWithID close do dialogPos = getDialogPos CloneFaceWithID
if classof dialogPos != Point2 then createDialog CloneFaceWithID else createDialog CloneFaceWithID pos:dialogPos

Let me know how it works, and which MultiScatter properties should I add in next version.

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