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Rigging Army Knife

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This is an advanced toolset for rigging. For a full features list refer to the included readme.


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"Enhances Parameter Wiring with the following options:

  • Multiple Connections with a single selection
  • Instanced Wire Controllers option
  • List Controller support for mixed Wired/Interactive controls
  • <
  • Wire Connect

    12 votes

    "This script does ONE WAY WIRING with a simpler object-to-object interface. It also shows Script Expression editing as well as range editing for objects. This is similar to Maya's Connection Editor - but with all the nice added features of MAX's wiring via script/expressions.


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    IA_Utilities_Wire-consists of 4 maps that can be plugged into any shader network, for wiring numeric, boolean, and RGB color values.IA_Utilities_Instance-consists of 4 maps that also can be plugged into any shader network, for containing multiple instanced texture-maps. Each map has user labels within it, to label the use of each instance or wire.

    Some uses for this are-


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    "This script is for copying parameters within max. It is intended to save you time and nerves when adjusting many parameters at once on many objetcs. It works with objects and modifiers. I've put it into my quads - for fast usage."


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    InstaWire is a MacroScript utility. It is based on an idea by Neil Blevins of Blur Studio.
    It provides a new flexible way for fully or partially instancing objects, materials and modifiers.

    Set Objects' Animation Range

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    "Changes the animation range of all wired controllers in the scene to the active time range.
    Update in v1.2: Added option to change expression controller ranges."


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    Use this script to wire the rotations of a bone chain to a control object. The rotations will be spread evenly along the chain with the last link having the most rotation on it.


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    This script will wire the X rotations from target objecct tothe curently selected object.

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