MaxDevKit Diana for 3ds max : A dev tool to load 3ds max plugins dynamically.

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MaxDevKit Diana for 3ds max : A dev tool to load 3ds max plugins dynamically.

Are you bored from restarting 3ds max on every build of your plugin ?

And 3ds max takes so long to load right ? :D

Here's the help from me to you guys , A lightweight tool to load your plugins dynamically into 3ds max , you can debug and do stuffs faster and smoother.

Behoooolds ... Diana!

How it Works ?

It will load your plugin into 3ds max and executes it , if your plugin has issues and leads to  crash , Diana handles the errors and will stop the crashing.

Also you can unload your plugin manually whenever you want!

And another ALSO , your plugins can run on every standard sdk version of 3ds max , version limitation smoked ! :D

How to Use ?

You can access Diana api from maxscript :

- DianaCoreLoad <string> : loads plugin file into 3ds max.

- DianaCoreUnload : unloads loaded plugin file.

to install Diana just extract zip file to your 3ds max root folder.

Note : You don't need to unload plugin after you loaded it to access plugin file , Unload function is just for uninitializing your plugin.

Note : <string> is your plugin Name not plugin file , read below.

Okay , All you need to do is :

  1. Add two export to your plugin dll OnLoad and OnUnLoad.
  2. Do your plugin initializing in OnLoad.
  3. Build your project with *.dna extension.
  4. Place your plugin file in 3dsmaxroot\MaxDevKit\_plugins
  5. Launch 3ds Max and execute DianaCoreLoad "your plugin file name without extension" in maxscript editor.
  6. Done!

You can take a look in example project file I uploaded.

Diana can be use for all purposes of 3ds max SDK.


NOTE : Version I uploaded is demo version and it has two limitations :

1 - Plugin file cannot be more than 512KB.

2 - You can't load more than one plugin at the same time.


Let me know if you have any questions.





Other Software Required: 
Visual Studio 2012+
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 to 2020 [x64]
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