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MaxFlow-Node-based Scene Data Management

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New Release: MaxFlow — Node-based Scene Data Management for Effortless Scene State Switching

Introducing MaxFlow, a revolutionary approach to scene data management that allows you to effortlessly control scene states using a node-based system, freely combine settings, and achieve one-click scene state switching.

SME SearchBar

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In slate material editor Quick creation of maps and materials by searchbar

V1.6 released

New feature!

Automatically switch to the folder you are selecting (Click on the folder when the selection dialog opens)

Optimize the startup speed, every call pops up immediately


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I've just put online and avaible for free download a series of useful scripts I wrote.
You can download ImagneCGTools at this link


ImagineCGTools v 2.7.2 are a group of useful 3DSMax and VRay plugins that make your life easier: in fact most of the implemented operations are some repetitive actions but often required to obtain a good final result.


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This plugin gives MaxScript access to some of the properties of the V-Ray frame buffer. Currently only the rendering region is exposed, but more parameters will be added.

See included readme for installation


This plugin is provided *as is* - it is not a part of the official V-Ray installation and no official support for it is provided. It is only guaranteed to work on V-Ray 1.5 SP5. For any problems or questions please use the V-Ray forum at http://www.chaosgroup.com/

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