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My Blog Huh?

Actually I have already started a blog here: (can i put a link here?)

mertens3d - Blog

Line Creation from Excel Spread Sheet

I have a project that I am requested to create a line based on XYZ Coordinates. I know you can create the line with the Keyboard Entry but just to give you an idea of the numbering, it starts off with X=9917429.57, Y=2570689.08, Z=-91, and it has 52 lines like this. Can something like this be done with a script, and do you know if a script has been created that can do this?

Nightcrawler Sparrow 01

 Here is a new project I'm working on for school, it's is Nightcrawler from X-men mixed with Jack Sparrow.  Textures and hairs to come aswell as perfecting the model, but it's a first taste of the final look.


Stay tuned for the developpement and please, comments and critics! Thanks!

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I started 3 months ago a modeling and animation formation using 3Dsmax and eventually other softwares like Zbrush.

I began my exploration a few weeks ago to learn by myself and experiment things to be at the top of my craft. I'll try to post as often as possible new renders of my creations on this blog so maybe advanced people can help me giving constructive critics.

thanks for helping and watching my progression!

Real World Scale

I've been working on some renderings using architectual models for my companies new website, and thought i'd put in some Ivy's.

The problem is that Ivy'gen is based upon real world scale, and a leaf that is bigger than my small town isnt right. on the other hand a 400 leaf ivy the size of a bike is too small. I don't want to start fiddling with Ivy'gen's settings (although a simple "scale" slider would be grand), so i need to scale the model.

Second problem, my scene is already 1,2 mill poly's. And with the wire-duplicate, its 2,4 million polygons. Its slow but doable.

Hey Guys

Hey guys,

new to this spot, got told about it my one of my friends.

I hope to learn a lot about scripting and such things. :)

See you around.


~Rainbows and Lightning~

the journey

well today has been a very constructive day. i stumbled upon this resource for max and it has been amazing. i was working on a number of projects at once and one in particular is stumping me, but with the plugins for max that i took the time to browse through and download, im sure i can find a solution.

Server updates / drupal upgrade

For the past couple weeks I've been steadily preparing a new server for ScriptSpot. The current one has been crumbling under the load recently and its been clear that there just isn't enough room to grow. So, we're on a new server now thats significantly more powerful.

How to create spline trails in Pflow?

Hey Guys,

Need a script that will export out just the model, material and texture information

I am trying to find a script that will export out the scene information relating to....

Object name + poly count of object
Materials associated with object and the material types
Textures associated with materials of that object
Texture names & sizes

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