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Multiple transforms to a object and instanced

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible, to do via script/macro the following:

If i select a BOX in the viewport, an i want to apply multiple transform values, and make them instanced.
first line is the move x,y,z, while second line are the quat rotations: x,y,z,w

12011.95 23158.14 120.6522
-0.703436 0.071756 0.706524 0.028335

12011.94 23158.09 120.0983
-0.699457 0.103573 0.707085 -0.003733

12011.93 23157.97 119.5612
-0.690669 0.151483 0.705157 -0.052399

12011.95 23158.16 121.1725
0.705324 -0.050071 -0.705303 -0.050071

12010.66 23155.57 120.6522

unhighlight or "deselect all" cameras from batch render dialogue list

greetings.. incase if there is a scene with 20 cameras added in render batch render dialogue..is there a script to deselect all cameras from batch render dialogue so that i can manually select only certain jobs that i need to render?

Custom Script wanted to take existing objects, delete modifiers (down to Sweep), create copies, modify Sweep Profile etc

I have a set of 100 products, but I need a custom script that will go through them all in a batch fashion and create 1000's of products, basically making copies of these existing objects but with different heights....

So, currently I have 100's of objects that are 150mm high and I want to create other height sized objects (there are six different heights, from 70mm to 220mm).

The 100's objects are already created and their names are all nice and logical (code, height, thickness).

This is what I need done in a batch process;

open/break ~400 splines

Hi there,

this should be a really simple script. But I can't fathom out how to do this:
I need to open up a couple of hundred splines. They are all closed but I need them now to be open. I use them as a spline for forest pack. Exploding them will not bring the right result. They need to stay intact, but need to be open.

I was thinking of selecting every first vertex of every spline and braking that.
However I don't know how to select the vertex by number nor what the break function is. MaxScript recorder will only show me the subObjectlevel = 1 but not what happens after that.

Convert all blocks to mesh


I imported a 3D model from a DWG. It came with many block objects (solids, not lines).
If I select all of them, the option to 'convert to mesh' in the RMB quad is not available.

Any chance that someone makes a script to convert each object to mesh, one by one or all together?

Thank you.

Modern Web Browser via Maxscript

Hi guys,
can anybody help how we can access to modern browsers like Chrome,Firefox,etc...
via maxscript?

I tried this:

I could not execute the registry code.

shape offset-outline

Hello friends Is there a plugin that makes it possible to offset or outline to shape without having to go down to the subobject spline level? A modifier that knew how to take any shape (arc, rectangle, etc.) and make it outline with a value I could give it - for example 20 cm. And that I can always go back to the shape level With option: 1. From the center 2. With positive value 3. With a negative value And the same as above only this time offset and not outline (for me outline is to make a closed shape obtained from two parallel lines.

Move all selected object keys to next integer frame

sometimes I have objects with animated keys between frame 3 and 4 , 7 and 8,...
I would like to move all selected object keys to the next integer frame.
Any simple solution ?

Remove duplicate splines

I have imported an AI file, and every spline is duplicated..

Is there a script that will check and select all spline
duplications so I can delete them?

Rectangular Selection Region/Paint Selection Region switcher

Hi all,

Can anybody implement a macro that would make it possible to cycle Rectangular and Paint Selection via a shortcut?

tnx in adv.

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