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how to make array and select this after cloning

hi, can anyone help me with this, its very simple, i simply want to select the clones after script has run,
select mycyl does not work, and i have tried others stuff as well (also reading anubis array tutorial), i still cant get it, and cannot find help in maxscript documentation

isnt mycyl already an array, or if not, how do i make this one, and then how do i select this array?

thanks for your help!

on btndo pressed Do (sel = getCurrentSelection()
sf = sel
if (Clone.state == 1) then(
for i=1 to c do (
mycyl = copy sf

Walls with dimensions name?

I spend a lot of time creating walls, measuring and renaming. I just wanted to create lines in top view and execute a command that adds 10 Outline 320 extrude mesuare the length of the line i created and rename object:
"Wall X, 10, 320" are the values that I use most.
(if there is a text box that I could imput all value and create, would be perfect, but it would probably be hard to create, I think)
thanks guys

script to ui installer

i have so many useful scripts by now, but no way of accesing them instantaneously,
is there an easy way to access my scripts on startup of max through the customize UI section, i know macroscripts can do this, but theres many scripts i have that arent macroscript, i just want to add them to my toolbar?!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Selected vertex attracts it's nearest neighbor to weld into it.

Hello guys,

I am in need of a script:

Selected vertex attracts it's nearest neighbor to weld into it.

If more than one vertex is selected, each selected vertex should attract to it the nearest neighbor. Only one vertex to be welded to the original vertex.

Would appreciate if anybody could help on this :)

Enhancement of 3Ds Max poly extrude

Hi All,

I have a question regarding 3Ds Max poly extrude technique. While modeling I faced a problem lots of time and I try to find some solution but didn't get any thing. I know scriptspot is great community of max scriptors. So if any one can do something, will be great.

I have made a picture, which may describe the problem more elaborately.

Normal Cube with three subdivision.

Middle Polys are selected for extrusion.

Radial Sort In Line

I'd like to do a radial sort that apply an change on the first object and then increaingly all the way around till i reach the last object.

Check out the attached image to make more sense.

For example: I have an array of sphere and I'd like to change there diffuse color from white to black based on the radial array. Check out the image to make more sense. For the sake of the image i just did it by hand.





I need some brains to work on this script
for DNA Wandering stuff.
I have made 4 straight splines but can go no further.
Now I am trying to attach them and my line keep
If you check my video you see that I am starting
to build the outline of the cube.
It is oriented as shown.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhY9RMPmqEo )

I have attached the script that make the 4 lines


select $Shape01
max modify mode
subobjectLevel = 0
modPanel.setCurrentObject $Shape01.baseObject
splineOps.startAttach $Shape01

vertex corner align

Miauu had previously filled a script request for me based on this type of vert alignment.(see link)

One thing I really miss from it is the corner align function.(see link)


Would love a corner align script with the option to weld those verts once aligned.


I need a little script to delete last MatID(Mesh)

Hello, i spent a lot of time on making this stuff and first time i release it, but second i couldn't make it again,
to delete last MatID(mesh) by 1 click, can someone help me with this ?
IT's a simple script when you select a mesh and press button - it deletes last MaTID(mesh).


And if it possible http://dfiles.ru/files/owsepv1vr to modifie this script(its .psk file importer) and add to it a possibility to insert special mesh(On the importing model), while importing the file, with position controlling rulers.

Poly Object to Script


Has anyone got a script that will take a custon polygon mesh and output the code to build it in a max script. ie save out all the point and polygon data?
I am trying to make my own custom helper objects.