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clean bloated max file

hi so after much research into the cause of files that are too large or take up too much memory i have found two scripts that do the heavy lifting for cleaning out a max file. i was hoping there was a way of combining them into one maxscript i can run from the tool bar. I don't know that much but i do know the following does not work:

please help

macroScript Clean
t=trackviewnodes;n=t[#Anim_Layer_Control_Manager];deleteTrackViewController t n.controller;gc()

Random material to random object script


Here's the scenario. I have 30 objects and 4 materials. I want to randomly apply these four materials to my 30 objects. I want to keep my objects separate. Otherwise I know I could attached them all together and use a multi sub-mat with Material by element modifier.Would this possible with a script?

Does any body know of such a script or fancy writing one?

I'm learning the basics of MAXScript, and this is beyond my knowledge for now!

Kind regards


Max thumbnail

Anybody knows how to see max scene preview thumbnail in explorer like when opening or merging scene ? (somebody made a .tga thumbnail preview why not max ?) :-)

PhysX Rope Script


Saw this video, is this script available anywhere.
I have been searching for the last 2 days but cant find anything on it except this video.

Really need a solution to the loss of reactor rope.


3dmax export all selected objects to seperate OBJ files


I think this would be a very practical and simple script to write. Basically, when I switch from max to zbrush.. I want all objects selected in max, exported to SEPARATE obj files and maybe a prompt to enter in each file name(or possibly a keyword i.e "character" then saves each sequentially character1 character2 etc). This would save quite a bit of time when you have a character with lots of pieces to export.

If you know of a script or are interested in making one like this let me know!


[email protected]

Its about Car Rigging

hi everyone,

i am working on car rig and have done completed my rig 60%. like car body sway, wheel suspenssion, spin and distance based rotation, ignation and etc. but now i have try to animate my car on a un-even surface or terrain. and for that i need a script and some help for my snr. scripters here.

need to correct the normals of all polygons

guys i need to correct all the polygons at once of any object.....and by correction i mean to flip the dark polygons to its correct form...
and i don't want to select polygon one by one.
i actually have a heavy mesh that needs to be correct its normals.
please help me guys,
i suggest you tot make a script that corrects or flip the normals to the user eye on the out side or flip the polygons to the outside world.


Delete Duplicate Faces

Hi all,

I have many plants which have duplicate polygons in exactly the same position.

In the real-time engine I have loaded the plants into... the faces flicker (as one would expect with Z-Fighting) but also the application crashes when it tries to calculate shadows.

Removing the unnecessary faces manually is time consuming and difficult... as it is really hard to find 'em all.

Anyone keen on helping me create a script (or point me to one already created) which will find the duplicate faces and select them in edit mesh or edit poly mode? (so I can then delete them).


Enhancement of 3Ds Max poly extrude

Hi All,

I have a question regarding 3Ds Max poly extrude technique. While modeling I faced a problem lots of time and I try to find some solution but didn't get any thing. I know scriptspot is great community of max scriptors. So if any one can do something, will be great.

I have made a picture, which may describe the problem more elaborately.

Normal Cube with three subdivision.

Middle Polys are selected for extrusion.

vray to mental ray

hey there,

is there any script tht will convert vray materials to mentalray?

for 3ds max 2011 64 bit?

all i found here was some of them down, and some for max 9, and it doesnt work with 2011 64bit.


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