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STICKY - Freelance 3ds max scripters

Are you a MAXScript guru / freelancer? If so, make sure to add yourself to this freelance area by simply creating a post that includes your qualifications / resume / references / website url as appropriate.

looking for someone to do some virtual staging

Hi, I’d looking for someone to do some virtual staging
Got a bunch of projects for restyling. I need to present my client some photoreal images of the new interior design idea.

Maxscript Developer for Render Farm Submitter

I'm offering server rental service in the 3d industry and I'm looking for the freelance software developer who wants to working about fully automated and easy-to-use software development project.

I use Thinkbox Deadline for the Renderfarm management software. This application is fully integrated into 3d applications and offers a very comprehensive maxscript (GUI). With this GUI, users can submit render jobs directly from within 3D applications via local or remote connection.

The maxscript development;

Looking for my next freelance opportunity

Hey, if you're looking for remote MAXscript developer - here I am.
Here's my brief online portfolio & contacts:


3+ years esperience with MAXScript, PFlow BirthScirpt operators and Script operators.
VB, MSQL, Access, Lingo, and Dos too. Can do ActionScript if you have deep pockets.

Simple scripts, UI's or plugins.
Per contract/remote or on site by the hour.

Navisworks Timeliner animation export to 3dsmax

We are looking for a talented Max scripter that can create a solution to export Autodesk Navisworks timeliner animation into 3ds MAX. What we are trying to achieve is to be able to bring in building's construction sequencing animation information from Navisworks into 3dsmax for higher quality renderings/visualization. The workflow would entail an exported XML from Navisworks, and a script that allows MAX to interpret the Navisworks XML data. Also it would be nice for the script to handle updated XML's from Navisworks.

Looking for a programer for a 3ds max script

Im looking for someone to develope a custom script for 3ds max and vray.

Looking for a one click solution to be able to automaticly change a material parameter of a selected object(s), specifically turning on/off on the checkbox use irradiance map on the options tab on material editor.

let me know if anyone interested and how much would it cost.


Looking for a scripter for making GUI to existing script - NOT ACTUAL

Hi all, I´m looking for a scripter, that will make a simple GUI to existing script. Also for adding some bulletproof checks in it. Mail me to [email protected] , if you´re interested.

EDIT: GUI has been already made. Thanks to all those that been interested in and wrote the answers to me.

Looking for medior-senior maxscript expert


For my business I'm looking for a medior-senior maxscript expert, for ongoing small jobs. revenues on an hourly basis.

Please reply if you are interested.



Looking for 3ds Max scripter to modify existing script


We are looking for an experienced scripter who can help us.

The goal is figure out a way to take a tiling render plug in (i.e 'Big Render') to be rendered across multiple machines or render nodes.
We are currently using AWS with Deadline to render out images across multiple slaves for what its worth.

Name your rate.
If your interested email me:

[email protected]

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