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Maxscript Writer / Coder needed

Freelance Scriptwriter needed on an ad-hoc and consultancy basis for architectural visualisation studio in London.

We are looking for someone proficient in Maxscript who has strong experience of writing Maxscripts and also coding in Python. The job may involve rewriting from Maxscript into Python.

Maxscript and V-Ray programmer

Looking for intermediate to advanced Maxscript and V-Ray programmers to fix up and maintain our rendering pro plugins which is our in-house program that we use to submit renders. If you are interested you will be working remotely with a Sydney Australia base company www.arterrainteractive.com.au . As a scripter you would refine existing workflow scripts and develop new tools to aid in the production process.
We offer consistent work and competitive rates. If you are interested, please email David Merritt ([email protected])

Development services: Scripting / Plug-ins / Tools

hi guys,
we provide the development services of graphics tools, 3ds Max and Maya plug-ins, scripting, V-Ray and mental ray shaders, OpengGL/DirectX, GLSL/HLSL/CgFx shaders and other related stuff. I have more then 10yrs of experince working on world famous software like Particle Flow Tools, Hair&Fur, Shave&Haircut, LipService. Ping me if you need to create something special! http://3dgears.com

Grouping and LOD script?


Not sure if this is possible, (I know very little about scripting) but I have a scene with many thousands of objects in it, which are named all in order and need to be grouped and have a LOD set added to each one.

The picture attached is a screenshot of just a few of the objects in the Scene Explorer, say for example Class1A-01 & Class1A-01_LOD1 need to be grouped together, and then a Level of Detail (just the one) needs to be added to it. This to be continued by how many objects in each scene.

3ds max .mat file manager(Wanted)! Please help!

Hi all spoters^^
I am having trouble with different render engine material managerment!



does anyone know how to script the procedure of moving the diffuse map into bump and displace map slot, and also enabling displace and setting the value to 3 ?

that would be awesome!

thanks for any help


Hello! I am maxscripter and i have the experience to working like generalist, that gives me the knowledge of what productions needs. I am working as freelancer.
My portfolio is on: joaovictor3d.com

Thank you!

Hi all! I need a render manager script that can help submit the jobs to our mini render farm via webdav

Hi all
Something like a renderbus.com did that! a simple script would be more helpful!
please if u interested in,drop me an email,it will be well payed! Thanks!

my email is:


Export a list of objects

Hello from Lima, Peru.

I've been looking for a script or a way around this problem for a few weeks now... I need to export a list from 3Ds MAX with the object names in the scene (hopefully in .CSV format for later import to Excel). Anyone got an idea?

Freelance 3D artist (15 years of XP) specializing in 3D real-time available for work

Hi all,

I'm thus a 3D generalist artist specializing in 3D real-time with 15 years of experience and I'm looking for new opportunities and/or collaborations.

I'm French and I have worked for many prestigious clients in my country as Disneyland Resort, General Directorate of Army, DCNS, Vinci & Bouygues Construction, Total Group, Paris Airports, Texas Instruments, GDF Suez, ...

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