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EDim is a professional 3ds Max plugin that allows you to create stunning 3D dimensions in seconds. It supports multiple selection and color changing, and can be linked to your original object. You can control the dimensions’ renderability and put them in a separate layer. EDim also offers three different dynamic sizes that will always fit your original object size.

changelog 1.3.3

Now Edim supports adding a suffix (to add the file unit next to the dimension text).
Fixed a bug where any 2d plane object will give a zero height dimensions text.

changelog 1.3.2

Now you can undo dimension creation using ctrl+Z or from the edit menu like any other 3dsmax tool.

changelog 1.3
Added support to 3ds Max 2024*

Change log 1.2:
EDim now keeps the undo log (Older edition was clearing the undo steps before creating dimensions).
EDim now works with multiple selection between normal objects, groups and nested groups.
Now you can choose dimension box color and dimensions color.
You can choose if you want the dimensions to be children to the object as parent (Linked objects).
You can choose rather your dimensions are renderable or not.
EDim now remembers the last setting you have chosen and retrive it the next time you load it.
Removed Xform modifier on the original objects.
UI improvments and better error handling.
Loading screen has been added through the EDimensions creation.
Smoother update process.
Smoother installation process (No Need to restart 3dsmax to show icons nor update the script).
Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Each license of this script can be activated on one computer only (With many max versions* and instances as you want) and this license covers ver 1.++ and it’s minor updates below ver 2.00.
EDim 1.30 is now compatible with 3ds Max 2016 to 2024*, and with any renderer.

Follow the intsallation instructions carefully.
-Only one max instance should be open during installation and activation.
-You can safely Update on the one installed already.
-Use same key as the last version.

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