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MCG Select Verts by Closed Spline

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Installation: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

Select verts by a closed spline...simple one..took 10 mins.

MCG Pipes

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Installation: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

Creates industrial pipes on a spline path. $5 USD, you know the drill, email me, vusta@hotmail.com

Works with multi-curves.

MCG TextOnPath a.k.a Stiff PathDeform

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Installation: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

at last...put your text on path with absolutely no warping, distortion whatsoever...unlike the PathDeform. What's more...it works for multi curves...but wait there's more...it works for any font including Right to Left languages...but waaaaiiiiit...there's still more, it can reverse your text in a jiffy too...and yes there's still more it's an environment friendly MCG too...it recycles your text !!!!!!!

MCG Dialogs

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Ever wanted a pop-up dialog for your MCG graph? Now you can have it and work with scene objects just by connecting nodes. The sample file randomizes the position of selected objects given custom limits. As this is a MCG utility, you don't get viewport redraw and undo support by default, so bear that in mind.

MCG Randomize Elements

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Pretty basic modifier to randomize mesh elements, the difference from the existing ones is the possibility to specify an upnode, which serves as a reference system for all the transformations. That means that XYZ rotation are then parallel with the object's axes, same with translation and scale.

Inset/Bevel/Extrude Poly

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BevelPoly Compound enables you to extrude, outline and inset the provided Poly (TriMesh). It can keep or delete the original surface, which might be used to create only the border quadstrips. The package includes all the compunds it depends on and an example modifier shown in the gif:

MCG BinaryRecursion

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There are 2 compounds here for study purposes. The Vu_BinaryRecursionSearchIndex is for anyone who wishes to dissect and see how the MCG BinaryRecursion operator is wired up.

I've also included my poorman's version of BinarySearchIndex...using a While loop, I actually think this poorman version is less convoluted than the BinaryRecursion one.

MCG Knit

1 vote

Simple knitting pattern with MCG.

Ver 1.01: with Grow available for the price of a beer....MY beer...

MCG Stitches

5 votes

Create stitches along a path (multicurves supported). You are welcome to use the free variant Path Constraint but this has a few more controls.

ver 1.01: added Double Stitch option


ver 1.02: Added Cross Stitch option


Ver 1.03: added Zigzag Stitch option

MCG Path Constraint a.k.a IncrCloneOnCurve

3 votes

This MCG constraints your object motion to a path. The motion can be repeated forever beyond the curve.

It can also be used to incrementally clone object along a curve and there is no need to adjust the distance

between the clones and count when length of curve changes.


Ver 1.01.00: You can now use a curve to control scaling of the clones.

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