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I've decided to make this MCG available for FREE. If you appreciate my effort, you can buy my SweepDreams which works in full 3D here:

Create stitches along a path (multicurves supported). You are welcome to use the free variant Path Constraint but this has a few more controls.

ver 1.01: added Double Stitch option


ver 1.02: Added Cross Stitch option


Ver 1.03: added Zigzag Stitch option

Ver 1.04: minor UI reorganisation. Moved Depth and Cloning group to more appropriate locations.

Ver 1.05: added Stagger option. Also capped Angle at -80/80 for safety reasons

ver 2.01: you can now rotate path freely

Anyone prefer to purchase from me directly (so you don't have to deposit a minimum amount with CreativeMarket) simply email me at [email protected]

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2016 + SP3 + EXT1/2, 2017
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Shakti_Rana_08's picture

Doesn't Follow Path

Hello, can you please help me regarding MCG stitches.

I see, you already questioned about this.

I Downloaded script from here recently, but i don't see "Follow path" or anything that make stitches to follow curved line path.

Please help me about this.

Thank you!

vusta's picture

just evolution...

ie. Stitches came works fine in 2D (flat path)...of course, it would have been nice if it works for all situations (ie. 3D paths) but I was not yet competent enough to solve the problem. Only later on that I worked it out with SweepDreams, so it wasn't a deliberate design in Stitches to 'restrict' anything.

VickyVaporub's picture


I understand now. You mean that the free version you provide here is the incomplete version and the full version is the one with "follow" option. I just didn't understand the term "3d" stated in the beginning as we work already in 3d environment.

vusta's picture

hence SweepDreams..

which does it in full 3D...

(I've lost count how many times ppl simply ignore to read this when I stated this at the start, in bold...)

VickyVaporub's picture

Follow Path

In flat surfaces like your video, the stitches work okay.
However, the stitches do not follow correctly in curved splines, like a cushion.
What happens in the latter is that the individual stitches can rotate in itself instead of following the path. It would be nice to have the option "follow" like we have in Path Constraint or Spacing Tool.

vusta's picture

Stitches FREE

yeah...there was a torrent of this script....f*** me.

OccultArt's picture

Great script!

It's a great script but it would be even better with a few additions:

- Custom meshes for the stitches
- Twist along spline setting (instead of having to use an extra spline)

vusta's picture

of course

if you look at the Stitches on the 'word' Stitches....that's multi curves in one spline...

But as with anything (like UV unwrapping for example) I would keep things in a large flat contiguous block if I can....if you do loop the loop after loop the loop after loop...things are going to go screwy sooner or later...

Like the stitch path on a baseball, it goes loop the loop and rotate 360 and then some more...the Stitches get 'dizzy'

Spline's picture

Curved path

Hi, nice tool!!

Can it work on a multiple curved path, like stitches from a sofa?


vusta's picture

ver 2.01

You can now rotate your path freely.

Existing customers, please simply go and download latest from CM.

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