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Labyrinth is a spline plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create splines on any given object in 3ds Max. The knots which make up Labyrinth are automatically attached to the object’s their generated on. This feature gives users the ability to easily produce stunning effects. This video gives a general overview of the controls for the tool as well as various ways to use the tool in production. More videos to come soon. Below are time-stamps you can use to quickly navigate through the video to see specific effects.

Updated compiles now available

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2012, 2013, 2014 (64 bit only)
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It's updated along with all

It's updated along with all the other plugins with new features and updates to the latest version of 3ds Max. Generally that's what the process is for all my plugins. You just have to go to

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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that´s the problem with these plugins.
one year later they stop supporting the plugins and you can´t load your scene into a new max version.

i can accept that when it is freeware but even when it is only 20$ it´s annoying.
it is sad but that is why i stopped buying such tools from freelance coders.

i know it is abit of a chicken and egg problem but i wasted so much money over the decades on software.

worse than losing features you come to appreaciate is that you can´t load the old scenes into newer max versions.
so i try to only use scripts these days, not plugins.
except for plugins from big companys that are most likely supported for years to come (vray, phoenix etc).

that there is an update now for max 2020, years later, not a big help either.

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I'll be posting updates to all my plugins across the board this week. New compiles, features and updates to all the tools :)

I'll make a comment here once it's all updated.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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No response from this guy

I Paid for this thing for Version 2017.. there is no update for Max2019 and John (Joker) is not answering any mails since years, that is very sad.

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Collision Detection would make it awesome

this script would be awesome if it had some collision detection, so that splines do not intersect.

don´t know if that is possible or how complicated it would be. but it would make this script really usefull for me. :)

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