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Bayan al Safadi

Update Notes Version 3.18:

included slate material compatibility

automatically opens material editor when pressing "Put similar to the material editor" button


Update Notes Version 3.21:

included option to instance all scene material

included option to search within selected objects



Installation : Run script or drag and drop to 3ds max, then go to customize user interface and assign "Identical Material Finder" as keyboard short-cut or quad menu under  "3D_RnD"  Category

UI :

  •  All Types dropdown list : can view materials by its type.
  •  Scene materials : provides Materials names as groups and a number describes how many identical materials have been found.
  •  Similar materials : when selecting a name from "Scene materials" list it shows the Identical Materials names in this list.
  •  Put similar to the material editor : pressing this button will put the selected material group from the "Scene materials" list into the normal material editor ( Be aware it will clear the list first).
  •  Refresh ! : pressing this button will refresh the list .


Usage : When the script runs it will have an empty list, simply press the Refresh! button it will begin to search the file be aware it may take from seconds to hours depending on the file ! afre the search has finished you can simply choose a name from the "Scene material" list and press "Put similar to material editor" to view the materials in the classic material editor.

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Copyright : © 2009-2022 3D | R.n.D, All rights reserved

Author : Bayan Al Safadi

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2014 and up
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Thanks for the update , Best

Thanks for the update , Best Regards .

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thanks obaida, check out the

thanks obaida, check out the updated version i've included automated instance for all scene materials

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:) Nice 1

it happen sometimes , Anyway this Process Definitely Need Option to be Done Automatically (Not 1 by 1) .

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