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Here's a script that I've had tucked away for a looong while now. I had originally wrote it to work with UE3/UDK so that I could export tons of stuff from MAX scenes easily.

UE4 makes a LOT of that stuff easier, but there's still some things that are a bit of a pain in the butt. Namely 1) When I have a bunch of meshes in a single MAX file and I want to get them all into UE4 but I don't want to have them stacked in MAX or have to to manually move them to 0,0,0 to export, and 2) When I have a bunch of objects that are in specific locations in MAX that I want to get into UE4 (Think lightpoles along a road or buildings within a city, etc.)

So, here's my solution:

Introducing UE4 FBX Exporter : TS_UE4FBXExporter (sexy name, I know)!


What's it let you do?

  • Export each selected mesh to an individual FBX file
    • Move each mesh to 0,0,0 for export (Then put it back where it belongs when it's done like my kids NEVER DO!)
    • Name Each FBX according to the MAX scene name
  • Allows you to use a grid object to set an arbitrary origin (For really big scenes)
    • Just make a Grid helper and name it UE4_Grid and the script will detect it
  • Copy the location, position and scale or selected objects to the clipboard using Unreal-friendly syntax allowing you to paste thousands of objects objects into your UE4 maps with a couple of clicks!


Version Requirement: 
Tested in 3DS MAX 2014
Other Software Required: 
Unreal Engine 4.0 or better
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Wrong Rotation in UE4

First off, I love these scripts.
Is there any workaround for the rotation error when copying to UE4? If every object is facing one direction I can make it work. But when each object has its own rotation, the rotation isn't aligned right.

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hey man ,i'm in china ,i can't dowonload this plug,u konw the reasonbecause of the GOV.would u please give it to me by the email,thank u so much.my address is:[email protected] again

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Hi Tom

I found some difficulties when trying to export. My Model is in CM and when i try to export all models and coordinates X,Y,Z are messed up. How i notice it use generic units. Is there any workaround or something? Ty

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Can you post the list ei. procedure what is important for UE to knows how to replicate max scene. I'm max user and I've never used UE before. Organizing assets (objects, cameras, maps, lights etc.) from max is not big problem (can be done properly with mxs).


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Thanks for the feedback! The

Thanks for the feedback!
The reasoning behind it is that I would have to force a strict path/naming system between UE4 and max as the max-script needs to know where the fully qualified path of the asset is.
Fortunately, since it keeps the MAX name when you paste the objects into UE4, it's pretty trivial to match those to the assets you've imported/exported using the scene explorer in MAX.
If anybody has a good idea that I'm overlooking, possibly a blutility or other approach, I'd love to hear about it and would definitely give it a try. I'd love to be able to export/import an entire scene in one go. :D

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Hi Tom,
first of all you've done a very good job here (+1).
I like the idea about storing all data to clipboard.
This is very smart way but also will be nice to consider only first instance and export theses as *.fbx then get all transform data from other instance and store it inside UE code. So in UE we will use only one object (actor) for each instance and copy it to right location.
This can be easely done with mxs but I'm not familiar with UE4 scripting ei. programming.
The question is how is difficult to write UE code for that?


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