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Herman Saksono - update to 1.6.0 by 3DZver

Advanced Painter is a modular brush-based distribution tool derrived from the Nature Painter script. This tool comes with 7 inks:

  • Grass: to create grasses; Grass: to create simple grasses
  • Hair [new]: used to create simple hair/fur (or as guide hair for Shag:Hair
  • Randomizer [new]: a variation of Scatterer used to randomly distribute a selection of objects.
  • Stone: to create simple stones and peebles.
  • Spaghetti: spaghetties, noodles, wires and other long things maker.
  • Scatterer [updated]: a generic but powerful object scattering tool.
  • Toothpaste: the fun but not-so-useful toothpaste generator.

Updated to version 1.60 by 3DZver

Here the list of changes and additions:
* the cource code is recompiled and optimized for support of dotNet;
* acceptance in attention of scale of source object which has been
applied to him up to cloning is added (Randomizer and Scatterer);
* the opportunity to set factor in randomness scaling of clone (min % - max %) is added (Randomizer and Scatterer);
* support of use of groups as source objects is added (Randomizer and Scatterer).

New version for download is possible here: AdvPainter v1.6.0(x32/x64) (or file attachment area below)


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  1. Extract advPainter_1.5.1.mzp
  2. Start Max. MaxScript>Run Script ... and choose the extraced file. A dialog box will inform you that installation is successful.
  3. Install Advanced Painter action item (found under 'Painter' category) to your toolbar, main menu bar, or quadmenu. You set up a shortcut key or menu item for Advanced Painter the same way you would configure a regular 3ds interface item. Go to Customize / Customize User Interface, change the category to 'Painter' and assign a shortcut. Click ok. Voila. If you are having difficulty installing Advanced Painter or any other script, try checking out the script installation page, especially the videos demonstrating the process.

NOTE: Advanced Painter 1.5 requires 3ds max 5.1.

Uninstalling Advanced Painter: During setup, the the following files are copied. If you wish to uninstall Advanced Painter just delete them yourself.


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3ds max 5-2009 (32/64)
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advpainter_1.5.1.zip70.31 KB
advpainter_1.6.0.zip43.22 KB


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Pewi's picture

Praises goes to

Praises goes to 3DZver!

Thank you so much. You are a true well-doer.
Happy holidays everybody.

Greetings from Sweden,

I discovered a bug though:
- Using Scatterer and selecting "Align to Stroke" X or Y.
- I get an "Scatterer Ink Error" dialog-box with an OK-button.
- Using "Off" works fine.
- The Randomizer brush works fine using any "Align to Stroke" option.

Anyone else has this?

Snitzy's picture

Spaceba! The 64bit

Spaceba! The 64bit randomizeer works great.

3DZver's picture

Hi All! I recompile this

Hi All!

I recompile this script for x64 (for use with dotNet).
To download it is possible here: AdvPainter v1.5(x64)

I hope, that the author of this script will not take offence at me for it :)

yuriythebest's picture

please recompile this for

please recompile this for max 9 x64.

soid's picture

Every time someone writes a

Every time someone writes a comment here i think for a second that there is a new update. But each time im wrong. Anyone else feel the same?

fengqiu's picture

very good,thanks..

very good,thanks..

Pewi's picture

Hi all + Herman Is there any

Hi all + Herman

Is there any chance on a recompile for Max 9 / 2008 x64?
Or does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?
I really love this tool! :D


jrulier's picture

tablet sensitive would be

tablet sensitive would be great for the surface size like ending the toothpaste with some taper

"Will scan for food"

kilad's picture

It is unbelievable that

It is unbelievable that autodesk havent got this into max yet. The fact that this doesnt work for max9 x64 is driving me crazy. modo is starting to get some great features that i wish max had... autodesk has become lazy imo


in the meantime we can hope for a recompile! 

luigi's picture

hi Timmeh i got the same

hi Timmeh i got the same problem im max9 32bits with productions tools.

got the same runtime error : cannot create the activex control: MSComctlLib.ListViewCtrl
reported error message : invalid class string

did you find a way to fix it . i tried regcure and registryfix to fix the problem without any luck.

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