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This is a helper script for my AdvArray modifier for 3ds max to give users some preset setups for common array patterns.

This is just the preliminary release, i'll be adding more and updating the script as time goes on. please let me know if you have any suggestions for presets that make sense.

if you don't have the AdvArray modifier, please check it out here:

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To install the macro, use the menu Scripting/Run Script...
Once the script has been run, you'll need to set up how you'd like to run the macro. to do this, in the menu Customize/Customize User Interface, locate the UI element you'd like to have this in and set it up there. for example, if you want a menu item, on the Menus tab, either create a new menu or add to an existing menu. you'll find it in the category TimBot: AdvArray. just drag AdvArray Presets to the menu you'd like. you can do a similar thing in other UI tabs.
Please contact me if you need further assistance getting this set up.

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recently went through a significant change in careers and locations, so AdvArray development has unfortunately suffered. I do want to get back on it though. i'll try and get some time for implementing this functionality for the 2019 release. i do have a few more additions/adjustments that will also be in there when i get the update published, but unfortunately not as many as i was hoping to have! i do appreciate the patience. i'll be sure to post here once i get this functionality added in there.

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presets dropdown list timing

any news on this ?

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yeah, that's the plan, but there's a good number of things I'm adding into the modifier for the next release, so it may be a few months out. this is primarily to be able to get some presets in the short term for those working with the modifier.


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Hi Tim :)
NIce little addition, thanks ! however, it would be far more practical to get this presets dropdown list directly in a rollout in the modifier, no ? with the ability to save presets as well, obviously.
Keep up the great work ;)


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