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3dsMax to After Exporter.

Generates a .jsx that must be run from AfterFX>File>Run script. Creates appropriately sized comp and layers.
Exports: Cameras, lights, and planes as AfterFX objects. All others as nulls.
Export size based on smallest HD screen/projector. Optional manual scaling.

Update 3.0.0: added support for Physical Cameras, Arnold Lights, 2k and 4k projectors.

Other Software Required: 
mpscript_ae_dataexporter_v2.07.mse27.49 KB
ae_dataexporter_v3-0-0.mse29.6 KB
ae_dataexporter_v3-0-1.mse30.67 KB


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no support for 3dsmax 2018

no support for 3dsmax 2018 Physical Cameras Target

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Key Optimisation


Really efficient script thanks for it !
Juste for you information, it's look taht you have integrate a key
reducer in your batch ? No sure, but when i work with relly small scale some keys/animation diseappear... maybe a switch to turn it of can be great...

Thanks again, great job

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No VRay

Sorry our shop doesn't use VRay.

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Added physical cam and Arnold lights

Added physical cam and Arnold lights

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Parent/link/constrain a

For anyone using a non-standard camera, parent/link/constrain a standard (dummy) camera to your V-Ray one, match the FOV etc in Max and export that one instead.

Chief Pixel Bully |

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Awesome! Thank you

Saved my great. Max 2016 and AE 17. July 2017

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GREAT STUFF! One little thing ...

Hey, this script saved my life! Really, it works like a charm.
I only want to ask if anyone knows a way around "Normalizing" the frames.

For example: My Max footage is rendered starting at frame 1000 and ending at 1500. When I export my helpers in that range, they enter inside AfterFX with the same frame number assignment (1000-1500) while my rendered sequence starts at 00 and ends at 500. So I have to manually drag the imported objects every time to match them with the footage.

Is there a way to automate this normalize function from the script itself? Or any other way in general?


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Update to Use Physical Cameras?

Are there any plans to update the script to be compatible with the new Physical Camera in Max 2016? It would be greatly appreciated.



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I agree.

The only thing that really is "eh," is that I render in Film fps, which is 23.976... but the script exports it out at 24 fps, which doesn't completely match my footage... so I'm probably going to have to start rendering in 24 fps, rather than 23.976.

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I'm not sure I follow the directions... I don't get what to do. :/

Oh, you need to make sure stuff you want to export is selected.

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