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Andrew Averkin, Viacheslav Sutormin

Assembly Tool
is a massive set of useful scripts and tools gathered in one place! It is a real friend and permanent assistant in artists' daily work, which can help to work faster, more efficiently and more productive! Assembly Tool can help to optimize many areas of 3ds Max workflows, accelerate the performance of your work in 3ds Max in general and make it much easier and more fun!

Assembly Tool contains a huge number of tools for: smart transformation and manipulation of objects, faster scene assembling, modeling and unwrapping, work with textures and materials, batch renaming of objects and materials, work with layers, groups, pivot points, scene management, objects painting, scattering, array, randomization, optimization, physics - all this is only a small part of the Assembly Tool functionality.

Assembly Tool has been used in various areas of 3d graphics: in game development, game cinematics, and advertising, and I can highlight a lot of 3d environment scenes where I used this tool: Far Cry series, The Elder Scrolls Online, PUBG, Destiny, Halo, Love, Death & Robots by Netflix, Utopia Syndrome, as well as my personal projects.

Assembly Tool
is an absolutely free tool for everyone! Almost 4 years of development to bring it to the world!
Made by: Andrew Averkin and Viacheslav Sutormin

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3ds Max 2020-2023
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assemblytool_1.191.mzp218.03 KB


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Wow, what a wonderful set of tools! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

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Thanks very much! It took me

Thanks very much! It took me a while to find this after running the mzp. Perhaps update your description to say that the Tool is under the category "Utopia" in Max. Cheers!

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Max 2017?

Is it possible to make it available for Max 2017?

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requires a help file

requires a help file for some functions.
Renamer is a great tool with features like advanced file management tools in Windows, wow!

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Впечатляет, молодцы! Обязательно буду использовать, большое спасибо!

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Assembly Tool

"SoulBurn Script" is no longer updated.
"Assembly Tool" takes over.
Good news!
Good job!

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At first look...

...and use...this seems like a very cool place to pick your tools from.

A first request: when clicking on a category now opens the category without changing the open/closed state of the other categories. Suggestion: clicking on the name of a category opens trhat category while closing all other categories. Clicking on the arrow leaves the state of other categories intact.

I am missing a few important things, but will report after having used it a few weeks.

Thanks :)

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