Auto instances

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Script Description

 This script automatically finds objects with the same geometry and turns them into instances. This can reduce RAM consumption, scene file size, and save and open times for a scene. This script will be especially useful when optimizing other people's scenes and 3D models.


Key features

  • Automatic conversion of objects with the same geometry into instances.

  • The script preserves the rotation and scale of objects when turning them into instances.

  • Ability to select objects that can be instantiated without changing the scene.

  • The script keeps the Turbo Smooth modifiers (if they are at the top of the stack).


How to use the script

  •  Make a backup of your scene.

  • Optional: To view future changes, you can click the "Just Select (Preview)" button. Objects that can be turned into instances will be selected. This will not change the scene. At the bottom of the window, information will appear about how many objects can be optimized and how many triangles they contain. You can skip this step.

  • Press the “GO!” Button. Your scene will be optimized.


Limitations of the current version

  • This version does not take into account the difference in texture coordinates when comparing copies.

  • This version only works with geometric objects (splines and lights are not supported).

  • If there are modifiers in the stack, then the script can collapse the stack before making the objects instantiated. The script will try to keep the Turbo Smooth modifier if it is at the top of the stack.

  • At the moment, objects rotated or scaled at the subobjects level will be considered different objects and they will not be turned into instances.

  • Animation of modifiers is not taken into account when comparing, it is not recommended to apply optimization on animated objects in cases where it is important to preserve the animation.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2014-2022