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I proudly present the AutoRigger

The AutoRigger will exist of 5 parts:

each script will come out individually and when the five parts are finished they will be combined in one interface.
once the AutoRigger is up and running, I will add more functions to it (stretchy bones, toes, etc...)

The AutoRigger is designed so it's not limited to bipeds. since there will be parts that will have to be done manually. for instance the Leg Rigger can be created numerous times in order to create quadruped characters or characters with numerous legs.

note: I will not add more functions to the scripts on request untill i finish the complete rigger.
all tough i will fix bugs when they occur

for questions about the script you can post them here,
find me on 3D Total in this thread:
find me on vimeo
or mail me @ [email protected]



Unzip the file and place the content of the folders in:
paste the folder "AutoRigger" with it's content in:
Program Files - Autodesk - "3DS Max Version" - Scripts
paste the content of the folder "UI" in:
Program Files - Autodesk - "3DS Max Version" - Scripts - ui

This script has been tested in 3dsMax 2011 and 2012
It should work from max 9 to 2013 (not tested in all these versions)

Execute the macro script by dragging and dropping them in the max viewport
Add the button to the interface by going to customize
The scripts can be found in the autorigger category

Additional Info: 

First Version of the LegRigger online

The LegRigger has been updated, to have it function with newer parts of the autorigger, downloading the new version is recommended
the SpineRigger has joined the game =)

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011 & 2012 maybe older
Video URL: 
legrigger.zip249.92 KB
spinerigger.zip113.61 KB


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Script3ds's picture

i think you missing something

i think you missing something in face rig >>>>>> Brow where

Evelyn Nonato's picture

God bless you

God bless you, you are doing a great job benne!! Can't wait to see the whole script!! :)

sam tyagi's picture


-runtime error: specified rollout is not a dialog box : rollout:legrigger in max 2012 help

benne's picture

I'm happy you see the

I'm happy you see the benefits of my script =)
i'll definitely complete the AutoRigger :) already started on the SpineRigger
within a week or so i'll launch the SpineRigger with a new update on the LegRigger, with some minor bug fixes
so stay tuned!

kimarotta's picture

Very nice... I hope the

Very nice... I hope the script complete, promises to be very good.

3d Artist  

benne's picture

yes, only IK for now =)

no it haven't got FK in the legs yet :)
FK in a legrig, to me is more like an extra (like bendy and stretchy bones)
I will include FK in the arm rigger

But when i finish the whole script (arms, legs, spine and face) i'll add extra tools
so then i'll ad FK for the legs too ;)

right now my main priority is to finish off the whole rig so it can already be used.
(also a way to keep myself satisfied, cause else i loose myself in details and i'll loose my interest and never finish it..) :p
once that's done i can improve everything

chenx's picture

Only IK system´╝č

Very nice and usefull!
This script haven't FK system?

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