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Axis will be the part of Octopus, integrated into the Octopus package. The world to screen space system will extend the Octopus system, which will let you create even more user friendly tools. Octopus share also will be under development :)

Axis is a screen space direction to world space orientation modeling tool set. It let's you work with selections without having to check the orientation of your objects/sub-objects. But check the video instead. It's better to watch it. :)

Link to Axis:

The tool I'm using to operate with Axis is called Octopus:

Link to Octopus:

Octopus UPDATED: 2018.06.18

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Thanks a lot for your support Mike. I will contact you soon...

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Max 2012 support

So tonight I have made Octopus backward compatible, back to max 2012.

From max 2013 you can use the default installer, for max 2012 there is a dedicated one, which you can install. :)

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Thanks a lot for 2012 version, i will check it...

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I have solved the

I have solved the compatibility to max 2013, and now I have reached a limitation when tried max 2012, here I have to do bit more codeing. But I'm gonna fix it. ;)

On my website there is a page called Devs log, where you can follow what I'm doing on my side. ;)

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Great news

thank you very much for your work.
With both tools supporting Max 2012-2019, it will be great investment for sure.

Please inform us here as soon as you are up and running with that.
Thank you

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That's true, that's why I'm

That's true, that's why I'm working on Octopus to make it comaptible with versions prior max 2015.

.NET before max 2015 are different and I have to handle them differently. Currently max 2014 will support Octopus as well (I have found the problem), after that I'm going to make it compatible with max 2012 as well.

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It's better with Octopus for sure, but unsupported Max versions with Octopus make things complicated. It would be better if both tools would support the same range of Max versions, 2012 - 2019.

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Currently single object is

Currently single object is supported, but more options are planned (groups for example), as well as Modifier and Unwrap UVW support.

You can use it without Octopus, they are simple actions. But to tell you the truth it's much better to use it with Octopus. I'm planning additional features for Octopus as well, like spin support or right click on buttons. :)

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Thank you for your work.
What about groups, are they supported or we should use single objects?

Also, without Octopus, is it possible to assign toolbar button for each align function in Axis?

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