Bisector Constraint

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The DAS_Bisector maxscript is a custom scripted LookAt Constraint in which the source node looks at 2 other objects but always perfectly bisects the angle between them. The common 3ds Max LookAt Constraint has the source node looking at the midpoint between the 2 targets which is not the same if the targets are different distances away from the source node (see the image below). This is the script you need if you are creating heliostat solar panel arrays or things that always need to stay angled precisely between 2 objects. This script is the result of a request by one of our scriptspot members. Thanks Derek!

LookAt Constraint and DAS_Bisector Constraint comparison.

Below is a capture of the script's rollouts.

DAS_Bisector rollouts

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Check out the help file included in the .zip download. There is a lot of important information, especially if you are planning to use this on a large array of objects. The script has been in development for a while which explains the version number, even though this is the first public release.

Version Requirement: 
max2011 +