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Camera Mixer v0.1  Camera Mixer  is a real-time sequence editing tool.

It allows you to start editing draft sequences without starting any heavy film editing software.

Features :

- Real time playing
- File Open/Save
- Export the mix to 3dsmax’s batch renderer
- Save a preview of the whole mix
 - Usual UI controls : snap, delete/repace, mute/solo, move track up/down

There's a builded version now ! You can find it here :

Additional Info: 

To run the Camera Mixer you need :

- Python
- Pywin32
- wxWidgets for python

Planned features for v0.2:

- Make the worksheet scalable
- Export to an After FX composition
- Manage background image sequences

Version Requirement: 
Other Software Required: 
Python, Pywin32, wxWidgets for python


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asymptote's picture

Lots of funky things

Lots of funky things happening in Max 2014, this tool has great promise, I hope it is still being worked on.
A video of how to use it would be useful.

MrPingouin's picture

Documentation is on its way !

Documentation is on its way ! You'll find it here :

M is for Mute Track
S is for Solo Track

I'm currently working on version 0.2 (at last !), you can follow the progression on the wiki too.

Fixing the preview for the moment, I'll also do some upgrades in the UI and publish it.

MarkD's picture

Great Script!

This is such a great script, very useful, thanks a lot for writing it. I agree with others this is something Autodesk should have included a long time ago. Thanks for the built version, its much easier to install and use.

On pressing play, trigger prosound,

Sound playback while scrubbing would be appreciated also.

Slightly more documentation would be helpful, maybe tooltips that pop up when you hover over buttons. Right now I don't know what S and M buttons do...

When tabbing to a new numeric spinner can it highlight the text that is there? It's easier to over write that way.

Build a button in max to launch it? I can probably figure this out on my own but it might be nice to include that option.

MrPingouin's picture

Yeah, I don't have the time

Yeah, I don't have the time for the moment to correct the tool.
I've seen several bugs (you can't move up the last line for example), the preview resolution is fixed, and the timeline could be heavily enhanced.

I'll have more time in august.

demoan666's picture

preview problem

when i run a make preview, the resolution seems to locked (i cant change it independently)is it possible that it grabs then res from the common render parameters and when it finally renders out:
it either renders the entire dual monitor of my screen.
or weird grabs sizes.
i am not sure what i am doing wrong!

btw its a gr8 tool! i wish i can finally use this in my scene. it has 8 cameras and without a tool like this its driving me crazy.



MrPingouin's picture

Builded version


I've created a builded version of the tool. You can find it here :

There's 2 files, one .exe which is the tool, and one .ms script that you have to run in 3dsmax before launching the tool.

I've tested it, it seems to work.

malucow's picture

Sorry for taking too long to

Sorry for taking too long to reply, I've been busy last days...

Well, about the bug , maybe it wasnt a bug, I think that I didnt understand well the usability of the script, next week I'll use it some more and if I find something strange I'll be posting here. Any news about the next release? : )

MrPingouin's picture

Hello, Glad to hear that


Glad to hear that you're using it in production :]

I'm trying to release a little installer for this week-end, I'll only be able to put the easiest features you ask for this quick release, that's to say the object in the max scene containing the mix. I'm still thiking about it though, considering the pros and the cons.

Regarding the undo system, I didn't start working on it yet, but this is planned for next version.

Can you describe the bug more precisely ? Do you talk about the fact that when you open a new mixer (set on 0 to 400), and that max's animation range is for example from 500 to 900, you can't see any footages until you resize the mixer's timeline ?

malucow's picture

I'm using it in production

I'm using it in production and I must say that I'm loving this tool, congratz for this awesome script.
But some things could be better, like the edit mix could be stored somehow inside the 3dsmax scene, cuz sometimes you forget to save in the script...
And everytime I load a scene on 3dsmax, timeline range must be et to 0 to the script correctly move the time slider (cause if when you load the script and its not set to 0, it keeps a offset in the timeline).
Ah, the always needed UNDO and REDO function is missing : )

But despite that, its a great addiction to the workflow, thx and sorry for the poor english, eheh
(Be ready cuz soon autodesk may call you wanting to buy your script to add to next 3dsmax release, haha ;) )

titane357's picture

Thanks for answer :-), so do

Thanks for answer :-), so do you plan to do a dotnet version ?

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