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"Consolus-Maximus (C-M) is a CAD-Style command line interface for quick access to some operations including:

  • Creating Objects
  • Editing Properties
  • Selecting Objects
  • Filtering Selection by Classes
  • Renaming Objects
  • Deleting Objects -
  • Adding Modifiers
  • Moving Objects -
  • Creating Splines using Absolute and Relative input
  • and more.
  • In a way - it is like mini MAXScript Listener on steroids - while it supports only a small set of commands - it is blazingly fast as it features auto-completion logic and usually calls commands with a single keystroke!
    For example - just typing 'C G B ' causes the command 'Create GeometryClass Box' to be expanded and executed in the Console - thus creating a new Box in the scene with just few keystrokes!"

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    5; 4
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