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behnam sanatgar


With this script you can easily stairs into the 2D to 3D

Changes in version 3.0.0 :

- Adds an 'Offset handrail' feature
- Adds support for presets
- Improvements to the user interface

Changes in version 2.3.0 :

1-Support for most stairs based on user feedback

2-Support the stairs with more than two landings

3-Making plans with over one hundred steps

4-handrail quite flexible

5-Making curved staircase in angular stairs

6-Build a handrail and landing complex

The scripting capabilities:

1. Easy

2. An installation on 2009 and above versions (normal & design)

3. A plan of step with the most detailed three-dimensional

4. Making three steps: Open, Close & Box

5. Production Fences fully parametric

6. Making steps forehead fully parametric

7. Adjust the step height and stepping stones

8. ID materials classified as eight ID

9. Apply a Multi Sub Object material with appropriate nomenclature

This is a commercial script

Version Requirement: 
up to 2009
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create stairs 3.0

looking for download?


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create stair 3.0 down load?

Can someone please provide a download for create stair 3.0.


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create stairs 3.0

can i download create stairs from you?


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50% off

50% off for one month

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demo create stairs

A demo version is available

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who i can download it

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version 2

The next version will be released soon that will include significant changes

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what something likr this is

what something likr this is commercial...the prevous script which is free is capable doing cad stair. I prefer usimg that.


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