Detach Splines

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Vojtech Cada

Breaks the selected shape object (Line or Editable Spline) into as many objects as there were splines in the original object. Unlike the other explode scripts, this one doesn't try to rebuild the splines point by point and instead duplicates the object and deletes all the other splines, which means they all keep the original attributes like material, material ID, interpolation settings, renderable settings and so on.

Additional Info: 

Usage:  Select the spline you want to detach to separate splines and run the script.

Installation: The .ms file can be run from any location (Maxscript -> Run Script... or by drag&dropping it to the viewport). If you want to put it in toolbar, menu or quadmenu, you can create a macroscript for it using the Macroscript Creator.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016
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