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A new tool i made to fastly check up scene, and render parameters.

You have forgotten to unckeck render region ? You have rendered the wrong camera ? Damn that's the wrong frame rate !!! Never miss anything with DiagnoScene. With 3 levels of colors indicating 3 levels of warnings it's easy to find bad parameters !

I was inspired by the Ranch Computing scene check tool.

Here is the check list:

  • Render Output
  • Frame Rate
  • Region Render
  • Gi
  • Save RGB (Vray)
  • Save Path (Vray)
  • Active Camera
  • Paging
  • Max Save File
  • Max Gamma
  • Max Gamma Affect Color Selectors
  • Max Gamma Affect Material Editor
  • Vray Gamma
  • Vray Sub-Pixel Mapping
  • Vray Clamp
  • Vray Probalistic Light
  • Render Elements
  • Timers
  • Missing Textures
  • Unwraps
  • Bucket Size
  • Exposure Control
  • Render Mask (Vray)
  • Previous Render (Vray)

****Please Note that it was developped on 3dsmax 2014 and partly for Vray it might need some update for newer versions !

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2014
Other Software Required: