Elevation By Degree

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this script will calculate the height based on a degree input the result height valur is automatically copied to clipboard.

it will be usefull to create slopes for example based on degree value

I created for my personal use maybe it will be usefull for some else :) hope u like it if so please vote up.


# Installation:

1-extract files

2-copy ElevByDeg.mse to 3dsmax\script folder

3-copy ElevByDegMacro to 3dsmax\script\startup folder

4-restart 3ds max or run ElevByDegMacro .ms from script menu run.

5-add it to ur desired UI (menu,quad,toolbar...)

Version Requirement: 
tested on 3ds max 9 should work on 3ds max 7+
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elevation_by_degree.rar12.79 KB